Michael Jackson's Nurse Breaks Down in Court

As drama rises in the court, defense lawyers' frustrations mount behind scenes.
2:56 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson's Nurse Breaks Down in Court
It's not a Conrad Murray trial as we mentioned it was an emotional day in court for Jackson's former nurse who broke -- in tears on the stand. An ABC news has learned that behind the scenes the defense team for doctor Murray is getting pretty frustrated with the judge. ABC's Jim apple is in Los Angeles live this morning -- these exclusive new details good morning Jim. Good morning -- as you say ABC news has learned at different from a source close to the case -- the defense is increasingly getting frustrated with the judge because they believe that he's not allowing the jury to hear the entire story. Michael Jackson's. Desperate finances including details of hundreds of millions of dollars of debt that was so detailed in the -- Jermaine Jackson's recent book. Making it for a difficult day for Conrad -- in front of the judge. You know. I'm feeling really wouldn't Disney. From the beginning and emotional day the first witness breaking down. Just talking about the stress of getting to court in LA traffic yes but in this -- -- -- -- I would push it very much would be able to continue Michael Jackson's holistic nutritionist Cheryl Lynn leak. Who first told her story two years ago on Good Morning America. Things that finding it anesthesiologists. Paints the picture of a desperate man who could not sleet and rejected her remedies of vitamins and sleepy time tea. -- -- What I need is something that's gonna help me fall asleep by the way -- anything that would do that it's definitely. That's the brand name for pro befall -- nutritionists had never heard of it but after investigating immediately told Jackson stay away. You may never wakeup. He said no I -- -- -- if there was monetary. That's -- with -- being monitored. A story that brought -- -- here is for a second time. -- remembering her last conversation with Michael Jackson. And He responded I will be OK I only need someone to monitor me with the equipment while I sleep. Yes that's exactly what he's. The defense then moved to its other main thesis that Michael Jackson was desperate because He needed the money He would make room that this is -- -- And worried He would not bode Miller's contract because of -- before. Greatest start. In contemporary music but his tour promoter Randy Phillips you may not admitted -- of the defense visited -- First describing Michaels motive for the tour and his disgust with the vagabond lifestyle He was providing his children. Hoping the money from the impending fifty show tour would allow him to settle down -- -- -- -- -- -- And it was it was emotional. And I cried and did -- -- Yes and then contradicting the defense premise that Jackson had reason to worry that tour would be canceled. No one on. Today the defense hopes to present a string of character witnesses flown in from Las Vegas and Houston -- Conrad Murray practice medicine. And then tomorrow and its case with two medical experts.

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{"id":14816124,"title":"Michael Jackson's Nurse Breaks Down in Court","duration":"2:56","description":"As drama rises in the court, defense lawyers' frustrations mount behind scenes.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jacksons-nurse-breaks-court-14816124","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}