First Lady's Bangs a High-Maintenance Headache?

Michelle Obama joins many women who aren't entirely happy with their new hairdos.
3:38 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for First Lady's Bangs a High-Maintenance Headache?
Michelle obama making news for her bangs. You would give me the hair story. A little more high maintenance than she expected and not the only one who feels that way. Abc's linsey davis has so much more. You were rocking bangs for a little bit. I'm going with the julius caesar look right now trying to bring that back. A degree of bangs. Oh. Michelle obama largely along WITH A RETURN TO THE '60s AS FAR As what's trending in fashion, they are both credited with putting the bang back in bangs and while there's some benefits to the face framing fringe more and more people are realizing the hairstyle is not without some fallout but there is a n solution of sorts. It seems the first lady's hairdo -- she looks good. Reporter: -- Has suddenly become a hair don't sglm bangs are a day-by-day proposition. Starting to grow out. A little irritating. Reporter: Her admission comes a few short weeks after her bangs made headlines. This is my mid-life crisis, the bangs. Reporter: Upstaging inauguration weekend to address the most significant event of this weekend, I love her bangs. Reporter: They even have their own twitter account. @Michellesbangs. No hotter topic. What? Than your bangs. Bangs. What bangs? Reporter: But the first sign all was not going smoothly on the hair front came this weekend when her daughter malia was caught trying to fix her mother's hair, the bangs presenting a pesky problem that isn't just limited to the first family. Dana tizio a hairdresser who just got bangs cut into her own hair is already starting to show signs of bang regret. I was happy for like the first week and then realizing that I have to do them every day, I think people don't realize the maintenance. Bang regret is sag that we have to consider as hairdressers. Reporter: Hairdresser to the tars ted gibson warns bangs are a commitment but c create a spectacular look. Bangs are super, super, super hot. You have a more narrow face and bangs that are wider, it makes you look a little sexier and gives flirtation and emphasis to the eyes. Reporter: That may be what keeps kerry washington, kim kardashian and taylor swift going back for more bang for their buck and speaking of bucks you can get a faux fringe that clips in for as low as $30. They are the hottest thing, a great accessory to wear. Guilt-free bangs without the commitment. That was the rational behind the butterfly bang bar. Why wanted to take the fear away from cutting bangs so we basically said let's do something where someone could come in, experience the bangs in different styles and feel more comfortable. Reporter: Which got me to thinking maybe I should try to jump start spring with a bang. And -- here's my new look. They did a bang-up jock, don't you think but at least with this I can always take the bangs off, put them in my purse if I don't like it. No bang regret at all. I have a new look. It was done during that story. The guy just came out, snapped them in and combed them over and looks great. In all seriousness when you go bang, it's hard to go back. You have to grow it out and it's a lot of work every day. Same way with guys? When you all get bangs? Don't know. I don't. The bowl cut. My hair never -- it keeps growing out and out. The chia pet. We don't miss it. Hey, you look absolutely beautiful. Thank you. I might rock the bangs at some point. Keep them all day.

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{"id":18879146,"title":"First Lady's Bangs a High-Maintenance Headache?","duration":"3:38","description":"Michelle Obama joins many women who aren't entirely happy with their new hairdos.","url":"/GMA/video/michelle-obama-bangs-ladys-hairdo-high-maintenance-headache-18879146","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}