Michigan Girl, 10, Stops Home Invasion

Police credit a girl's 911 call with saving her brothers from intruders.
5:19 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Michigan Girl, 10, Stops Home Invasion
What's the problem there. Luckily my thinking I have to get it open -- -- -- don't really can't permit definitely yeah. It's a heart pounding call coming from -- home in Harper Woods the ten year old girl talking to the 91 dispatcher. Says she has her seven year old brother and five year old brother hiding in the closet with her. If you're someone at the door or political know everything he can't -- bill. He's really scared to. The -- it's even more frightening when the children here -- the thieves busting out the back window to get inside here. At the -- -- OK hold on not a -- -- with me cooking. The general stayed calm enough to tell the dispatcher where they lived and that they had come home from school early because -- at half the day. It was 11 AM on Monday. These guys downstairs -- where you especially when the clock because you've only -- here. The girl's bravery and quick thinking saved them. Police say the suspects are scared off by the police sirens and because a Dresser have been blocking the window. There's going to be an officer -- hear half acre. And Mueller obtained a key -- it and it's -- you can and he -- the front door key peninsula -- -- Yeah okay.

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{"id":15869662,"title":"Michigan Girl, 10, Stops Home Invasion","duration":"5:19","description":"Police credit a girl's 911 call with saving her brothers from intruders.","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-girl-stops-home-invasion-15869662","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}