"The Middle" Star Stands Out as Hollywood Cool Kid

Atticus Shaffer, 13, plays bookworm Brick Heck on ABC's hit comedy series.
3:13 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for "The Middle" Star Stands Out as Hollywood Cool Kid
They really should start taking the Christmas tree Down syndrome. Around we -- to a lot of things. This whole school business is cool and I -- in a book report on arguments found now she's making us write a Paper I'm up. I don't know many without -- Well but he knows a lot about a lot of stuff -- that's Atticus Shaffer. He's the bookworm brick -- on the ABC show the -- it's a role that's made him standout is one of the coolest kids in Hollywood these days. He is thirteen actually he is a long career had -- -- and I found out recently when we sat down. Welcome to Good Morning America -- -- to -- -- thank you being on the show how it changed your life. It changed my life in some ways but really not -- others because thank you think you have a job now is that's kind of and it's crazy and take a little holding defensemen back plan I'll tell my maintain my clamoring ring and now I have to -- to -- It's a bunny bunny live event is definitely out but money on me things that I I -- -- has changed -- and I'm still minding used to -- three seasons in. Is the fact that people recognize me and I still don't. And think to myself they're staring because earned the -- I think Allianz -- -- -- nine acting like someone is there but apparently fainted. You know -- including -- flyers staring how many -- though they don't like Karen end of the show is so terrific thinking and I was reading that you are a lot like Breck. Yes you -- if I really am a lot like brick. In almost every way except I'd like -- he talked myself. Now it's not a -- for being a working guy. -- you are home schooled -- you live it pretty remote water in a farm setting yeah and you're not alone now lots and lots of friends on the farm yes lots and lots of animals but it's a bit of a menagerie patent definitely how many. We've watched the fat cats Jadox. -- -- -- bird. An -- chickens many -- and many chickens what can we expect from -- coming up on -- now. Com lot of different things he's. Who becoming more sound emotionally. I feel like anti aging animals and are aging and yeah exactly as he's growing up he. Is more -- touch with his emotions cycling. He -- he able he's able to feel like even more happiness for. Sadness or what what have in Kenya and down so you really -- more episodes of -- being content becoming more emotional thing -- -- tune with the rest of the family -- as a working guy. That's probably pretty gratifying -- area. I think we'll see I'm not the character break because it basically -- myself unlike -- in a lot of ways. But. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like to because it is something different and became CD -- same thing every day. -- three years and running back down it's it's more different more different gadgets like okay well this is really different this this isn't -- business. But at the same -- -- -- future stars in what will you do me a favor -- come back in business didn't visit us again -- talk about. President and at all worried Atticus Shaffer so glad to see little to keep up the great work -- don't want to large -- He has -- can you can see him on the middle -- airs tonight at 8:7 central right here on ABC.

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{"id":15538041,"title":"\"The Middle\" Star Stands Out as Hollywood Cool Kid","duration":"3:13","description":"Atticus Shaffer, 13, plays bookworm Brick Heck on ABC's hit comedy series.","url":"/GMA/video/middle-star-stands-hollywood-cool-kid-15538041","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}