Mike McQueary Speaks Out

Assistant coach testifies to what he saw involving Sandusky and a young boy.
4:21 | 12/17/11

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Transcript for Mike McQueary Speaks Out
-- witness in the Penn State child sex abuse scandal speaking publicly for the first time about what he says he's. A legendary coach doing with a boy in the team showers and answering the burning question why did he not stop it. ABC's Jim problem is -- story. He is the center of the case against his former coaching colleague -- -- -- His grand jury testimony forced his mentor Joseph Paterno to retire. And now threatens to send to university officials to prison for allegedly lying about what he told them. Penn State coach Mike the queries on the stand sticking to the story that he told the university. I saw jury in the shower with a boy and it was extremely sexual in nature. -- over the lines and wrong the query is the only adult witness to that alleged sexual assault on the Penn State football team showers. At the preliminary hearing for two university officials McCrory said he went to his mentor coach Joseph Paterno about what he saw. I told -- I saw a jury with a young boy in the showers way over the lines extremely sexual in nature and I thought I needed to tell. His account back but coach Paterno -- grand jury testimony it was of a sexual nature. And enough say prosecutors to prove the university officials accused of perjury and not reporting the crimes -- when they said it was all just course. Now you have both -- And you have -- testifying that we told them it was -- sexual -- going on at the university. The judge agreeing the case will go to trial but one underlying question remains why didn't Mike McCurry do more. He said he slams -- his locker loudly hoping to stop the attack but did not confront said dusty remove the child he -- a salted or go to police. The queries should have done something sickening that he didn't appoint the defense says proves their case if -- -- saw what he says he did. He would have not just blocked the way. -- Good Morning America Jim Avila ABC news New York. OK several more on this let's go to a man who has covered this story extensively as the host of prime news on HL and -- -- and -- -- in Atlanta this morning many thanks for joining us. Good morning so if if he didn't do anything to stop this which is of the appears to be the case does that -- or hurt his credibility as a witness against send us -- Well it's an argument the defense gonna make -- save my goodness just a grown man six foot. Four tour -- forty pounds sees this happening and does nothing doesn't call police logic tells you that it didn't happen. On the other hand -- look at it I mean why we make it out. -- -- how can write music and like I'm queries like better it by making up the story exactly is it incumbent upon the defense spend to make that case. For why he would make it up if they do advance that -- -- I think that's the only way I think they're gonna convince -- jury that he's making this thing up because remember. He's not the only witness. Every one of these victims are also witnesses. And they are adults now they can talk about what happened to them when they were children so he's in the -- -- case he is almost -- -- corroborating witness rather than a primary witness in the case let me ask about these ten alleged victims many of whom are expected to testify. What kind of defense strategy can they employ to deal. -- this apparent onslaught. Why it's gonna be difficult because of so many -- there's just one and the queries the witness okay -- maybe can do something but you've got ten. Victims. What you have to do is victim by victim come up with the reason why they would make it up. And it's going to be all about the money. Because most governments civil attorneys. Civil -- -- -- -- been filed yet but that's where they're gonna go out and isn't listed. Why -- why you hire a civil attorney -- you're not can assume you know actors who Penn State all really when did you come forward. Questions like that we'll also talk about the interaction some of these victims attacked. Since the assault with Jerry sandusky and a question of saying it -- it. You know you're assaulted by this man he was so bad you -- you hang out with -- years later. So those are the way the places I think the defense gonna go in attempting to discredit these -- victims still going to be an uphill battle for them any policy and thank you very much for joining us this morning we really appreciate it.

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{"id":15177307,"title":"Mike McQueary Speaks Out","duration":"4:21","description":"Assistant coach testifies to what he saw involving Sandusky and a young boy. ","url":"/GMA/video/mike-mcqueary-speaks-15177307","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}