Miley Cyrus Tweets About Relationship Problems With Liam Hemsworth

Cyrus' tweets about wanting more passion have sparked speculation about her relationship.
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miley Cyrus Tweets About Relationship Problems With Liam Hemsworth
and we're back here at 7:43. You guys know twitter can get tricky, right? Sometimes, you write something on twitter and its can misconstrued. That's what we're talking about now, superstar miley cyrus and he fiance. The singer leased on tweet she wants more passion. And that is speculation that one of hollywood's hottest romances could be not. ♪ Reporter: Remember this song? Now, the three tweets I hate about someone. On thursday, miley cyrus launched a twitter overshare. Announces, ever feel like eye want something more? Not sure, passion, perhaps? That tweet immediately raised eyebrows could she can be talking about fiance heartthrob liam hemsworth? ♪ Reporter: And the tweets kept coming. Sometimes, I feel like I like everyone more than they love me. Hate that feeling. And then thought of the day: Maybe it's not that they love you less, they just love you the most they are capable of loving. It's important to keep in mind, miley is still a 19-year-old girl. So she's going to be going through the emotional trials and tribulations that any 19-year-old would. Reporter: It has been an intense four weeks for the former "hannah montana" star. Just last week, a stalker was released outside her home. And the newly released photos showing this change. These are what I call stream of conscious tweets. And sometimes, these are best left in private to your family and loved ones or not at all. Reporter: But soon cyrus clears the air telling her 8 million followers, everything is just find. There is not trouble in paradise. Just thoughts. ♪ Reporter: And if those 140 characters weren't convincing enough, miley and liam were spotted hand in hand saturday night in a public show of unity. ♪ we wish them the best.

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{"id":17252295,"title":"Miley Cyrus Tweets About Relationship Problems With Liam Hemsworth","duration":"3:00","description":"Cyrus' tweets about wanting more passion have sparked speculation about her relationship.","url":"/GMA/video/miley-cyrus-liam-hemsworth-relationship-trouble-rumors-mount-17252295","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}