Miley Cyrus, Marketing Genius?

Industry insiders say pop star is capitalizing on VMA twerk.
3:31 | 10/07/13

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Transcript for Miley Cyrus, Marketing Genius?
It was the -- heard round the world. The -- may bump and grind -- created a pop culture shock moment. That will forever change the way we look at home finger. But in the last few months Miley has become -- one woman wrecking ball. Crashing through what most of us. Acceptable. More proof of -- child star gone off the rails or is -- a brilliant marketing move keeping her in the spotlight I really film. Like things have really begun after the inning performance -- -- this is now people getting to see what the movement really is all about Miley the movement -- Yeah. Is her MTV documentary released this week on a transition it's a movement premium -- It's really about all of us being on the same page and -- I think people could see the details they would know that. All -- -- in my mind. Industry insiders like Janice -- an editorial director of Hollywood reporter. Call her tactics genius this is calculated -- in decision in your view Miley. Is going to make millions and millions and millions of dollars -- of that won the AMA performance she set off listen we -- in an era a government shutdown. International. Strife what are we -- talking about we're talking about Miley Cyrus that as pop culture power. Going -- she appears to be paying off her new -- Topping the charts. Again but Miley has been pushing the envelope for years. And -- a year later. Miley warned -- she can't be changed. Miley has spent the last five years. Killing the -- of Hannah Montana and she is doing what any respectable. Young pop star is doing she's making parents appalled she's making the media outraged and she's making young fans loved her. And that's a Brent Miley Cyrus brand if you -- -- opposition to Taylor Swift they are they sort of represented to. Tent poles of female pop music right now Taylor Swift is the princess she sings about break -- -- Miley Cyrus she's not getting dumped by anyone. -- -- -- shocked when Miley strips down after all isn't this a rite of passage for child stars Britney in famously locked lips with Madonna. Christina Aguilera wanted to get dirty. And this week Rihanna reminds us she's the fattest girl of the mall unveiling her video for pour it up. Giving a master class and working. -- -- -- -- But seeking notoriety can be like a runaway train have to be careful -- doesn't go off the -- Miley Cyrus is no Lindsay Lohan anyone who thinks she's a train wreck is very Ron they are sorely mistaken this is. A young woman who is. Completely in control of her career she knows what she is doing. And if the song is any indication. She won't stop. It's I have league in.

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{"id":20492392,"title":"Miley Cyrus, Marketing Genius?","duration":"3:31","description":"Industry insiders say pop star is capitalizing on VMA twerk.","url":"/GMA/video/miley-cyrus-marketing-genius-20492392","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}