Millionaire Murder Trial: Will Wife Take Stand?

Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams discuss Nanette Johnston's defense in husband's death.
4:23 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Millionaire Murder Trial: Will Wife Take Stand?
To bring in GMA legal analyst Dan Abrams life here in the studio with us and from Atlanta is Nancy Grace host of Nancy Grace. On each -- and their let me start with you we heard an -- -- -- the defense saying in essence she wouldn't leave. Somebody wealthy for someone who doesn't have as much money. I don't know if that's really gonna gonna fly over the jury but I do think this is going to be more difficult case that it was prosecuting him why. Because you had direct evidence of the -- being linked back to him. You're direct evidence of a new key being made link back to him you had evidence of notes he had taken of license plates etc. link back to him. Doesn't mean they don't have a case against her but I do think they're gonna have a harder time with their case against her remember this is also a case that is you know eighteen years old. Then they are the case against him. An answer what do you make of this case. Well I think bit wild -- as saying there's not any direct evidence linking back to her. Let me remind everyone that in a court of law circumstantial evidence is -- and the judge will instruct the jury on this. Circumstantial evidence is just as powerful as direct evidence -- -- -- Here's a guy that played for the colts the Packers and we're not talking about an old Taylor -- but because we're talking about a guy who ended up with a Barcelona dragons. As opposed to her with -- in the day are right she was the mastermind. They weren't in it together and the defense that she would never leave. -- off plan for -- -- -- -- right she didn't have to leave them. She killed him. -- all the evidence against him was pretty much circumstantial as well. But I guess what I'm saying is that. Because they -- he was the shooter yeah and they got a conviction that's right and what I'm saying is -- disagree -- -- -- do you disagree that this is if you were to compare the two cases that this is going to be a tougher case against her that it was against him. Actually I disagree I'll tell you why Dan I agree with you about that Evans being more direct with him. But as far as -- modem which the state doesn't have to prove. -- did she's looking at a million dollar life insurance policy -- 150 grand. His infinity one year free -- and a new port California beach out and what is not. The grand theft -- day before he's murdered she writes a check for 250 grand. Clear -- -- day after the bank cleared it just sit on a pile of money not yeah. But the reason this case was reopened in some people are gonna -- -- -- why are we here now. As opposed to back and I want to hear -- trader -- and one of the reasons is because a witness came forward -- never been questioned back then. Who pointed the finger at him a comment that he had made about wanting to kill the victim here. Because he was in love bomb with the other woman is on trial here so so I think you talk -- motive. There's your motive for for him is that he wanted to have her do not. Well at this soccer ganged together and Canada have two months. One hurting himself -- -- -- But most of them have plenty of boyfriends and lovers nobody wanted anybody to themselves they all wanted a sugar daddy and that's what -- law when I think had a lot of -- and he didn't know what was -- -- -- how do you know -- a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends together. Big says. -- and that that's -- beer in the evidence she has been married three time -- children from every marriage he's been married they both have boyfriends and girlfriends. I mean that's not a crime that's not a felony that's neither here and -- they here. But the fact that this is all about GLO -- No this is not all about jealousy this is all about money and DC is -- one set to get all of the money excuse -- an entity both expect to see her -- take the stand. I did. I'd be shocked if she takes -- Nancy. I agree -- Dan I I think it'd be. Much more damaging for her to take the stand I think she's better off letting the jury did they met she is guilty rather than take this day and and -- there's -- This -- that they're gonna put the finger at him -- her defense is gonna be pointing the finger at it was more likely he'd get. -- article which -- -- which is what he tried against her and it didn't work. All right -- am. This is what the predators -- it's always do it trial I'd put any judge parents -- Nancy thank you very much as always stand as well.

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{"id":15328172,"title":"Millionaire Murder Trial: Will Wife Take Stand?","duration":"4:23","description":"Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams discuss Nanette Johnston's defense in husband's death.","url":"/GMA/video/millionaire-murder-trial-wife-stand-15328172","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}