Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Cameron Mathison offers advice for procrastinating parents.
3:21 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids
Trick or treating will be all out in kids are. Also gone all out with some of the costumes for the under twelve sad really amazing -- -- here I'm just -- my governor monitor I'm quite frankly scared. A -- -- to tell us about the big trending did not. -- yes and hopefully I don't terrorized the kids -- -- -- that but your loved facility dealt with the we have of course you can't have Halloween without your basic critter costumes. Let's see the first team that we have year -- Charlotte and hey Charlie are you doing Charlie is in a chimpanzee outfit him with his mom zoo keeper or should I say. -- -- -- very nice thank you very much of the panda and at a car are you kidding me right now the panda Kelly your dog is just up with a panda. -- looking for us that Charlie let's just continue to call waiting until they agree that struggled and moderate amounts and this -- by the way you can get Animal Planet -- a bunch of precautions for kids. And -- guys thanks a lot people are just took. -- -- -- It's. You know superheroes are that are. Obviously there Helen Thomas the last couple of years but again this year look at these guys all look scary when -- -- helped -- -- Yeah right there's merry Allegiant justice in the house is -- look at you guys you look at just we have already has -- -- -- Captain America agreed on me. I feel very safe knowing these guys around to protect and Ariana -- Luka. Green lantern that's right. Playing out big movies and what can we just talk about walking the dog sources you -- -- if walking is -- Clark can't name right all right. Now everybody's out -- -- yeah. Yeah. I'm Irish. -- of course -- royal couple. Royal. Couples here and we have. -- shot as Kate Middleton. That it's a stereo and are beautiful and I William what did you learn by the -- -- come -- you look do you that's okay. That's so nice congratulations I like Beatrice -- -- -- no did you overhear Disney CNN's calls yeah. Hermann -- Cinderella. Like Disney did you know that -- -- great when we -- with what's happening to John Hagee and we are mothers and then. Dog named Beatrice and this is this that I have styled after. Princess Beatrice is. -- at the world portion -- they're just not right -- know what. -- -- -- -- -- -- The 1960 flight attendant and we have Zachary as the pilot flying the plane called -- -- -- got you do. Some of this. Right at UT US Canadian that's. Cook this night this is -- your hand signals I would learn Ayman -- to bring out. -- -- Here -- movies of course we have Isabella. Yeah. -- plus good and you saw the Black Swan from Black -- -- -- high -- and pipelines -- you look fantastic Thanksgiving for fondling him. That's all right guys -- you guys -- -- -- big sign -- this I didn't agree that. It's great --

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{"id":14849437,"title":"Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids","duration":"3:21","description":"Cameron Mathison offers advice for procrastinating parents.","url":"/GMA/video/minute-costumes-kids-14849437","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}