Minute Makeovers: Transform Your Look and Your Life

Gretta Monahan has the must-have manual to maintain a stylish and successful life.
2:34 | 10/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Minute Makeovers: Transform Your Look and Your Life
Fashion beauty makeover master on tv. And now, gretta monahan has written a must-have manual. And it has recipes to help women transform their style and their lives. Congratulations on the book. Thank you. You broke it down simply. Four looks and four celebrity examples. That's exactly right. Weekend girl, girlie girl, sophisticated girl and weekend girl. If you watch your personality, the style is easy from there. Girls like jennifer aniston is a weekend girl. You have katy perry who is a girlie girl. Sexy girls would be sofia vergara. Or sophisticated girl. This is how you actually get it so that all of your style starts in an easy place. And we add the ingredients. I wonder which girl I am. You can be sophisticated or weekend. We have models now. And a makeover. One minute to fix her look. Lindsay is a self-described weekend girl. She's rocking a leather look, but too much. It's too much lett center. And the pant and the jacket, look like -- looks like a leather suit. You want to balance your leather by mixing your fabrics. This is soft. And it adds a lot. And also, go with light, easy necklaces. She looks like a biker chick. Exactly. Not going for that. You don't want your look to become a costume. Easy, breezy makeover. Come on up. Lindsay. What's wrong with this one? Girlie girl. Girlie girl. But everything is out of scale. Huge bag. Huge is swallowing her. Take the jacket off. We're ditching. We're going to get her into a grealittle jacket. She's tucking in. Never leave your tops untucked. It changes your silhouette. It gives you a waist right away. You're a doll. Thank you, darling. Look how much better that looks. Oh, yeah. She just lost ten pounds. And. And you look great. Now, paige is sexy girl. But this is not so sexy. It's a little drapey. We are going to cinch her waist with a belt. But it's about your silhouette. It's about metallic. This is going to help make your blue...

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{"id":20442680,"title":"Minute Makeovers: Transform Your Look and Your Life","duration":"2:34","description":"Gretta Monahan has the must-have manual to maintain a stylish and successful life.","url":"/GMA/video/minute-makeovers-transform-life-20442680","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}