Missing Baby Ayla: Blood Found in Father's Home

Lindsey Davis reports on the disturbing revelation in the investigation.
2:19 | 01/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Baby Ayla: Blood Found in Father's Home
Now to disturbing development in the missing case of that little baby and named. In the Reynolds police have found blood in her father's home the same house she banished from six weeks ago. ABC's Linda Davis is here with details on this morning to good morning -- -- new details this morning but the mystery remains overnight mr. Reynolds confirmed to ABC news what many had feared. That the blood police found was indeed from her one and a half year old baby girl -- -- ABC news has learned the blood was allegedly found here in the basement of this home in Waterville Maine. My whole -- just kind of -- -- day. Crumble. I -- that I had -- alive. Halo was staying here with her father Justin -- -- when she disappeared six weeks ago. Reynolds says police described the blood as more than a small cut would produce I was just tolls of -- -- trying for hours are now that. Blood was found and analyzing -- Over the weekend Taylor's mother and father appeared at this vigil it was the first time they've been seen together since their baby disappeared. Reynolds had previously said she was frustrated that the picture wasn't answering her questions. I was whining to me lash out a little bit about it by. 2000 and get me anywhere is it was. Amazing to have him by my side yesterday. To support -- ill as her parents' house mom and dad. Police have not named -- peach rose suspect or even a person of interest. At the vigil he refused to comment on the latest evidence. I'm not here to answer any questions on this fifth. Show my support group for the community. According. Reynolds says she's trying to remain optimistic but this latest development is now weighing on her and my parents were -- marriage. As what has happened to me. And that's. And Reynolds tells us that she and state police have the same questions and she pointedly said that those questions. Our forward to future investigators also telling us now that they believe that the three adults inside the house the day that she disappeared. They don't believe they're telling -- the whole story hopefully they'll get some kind of -- very -- six weeks ago yes -- -- --

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{"id":15470252,"title":"Missing Baby Ayla: Blood Found in Father's Home","duration":"2:19","description":"Lindsey Davis reports on the disturbing revelation in the investigation.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-ayla-blood-found-fathers-home-15470252","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}