Missing Baby Ayla Reynolds: Is Father Lying?

Police say adults in the house when Ayla vanished know more than they're saying.
2:27 | 01/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Baby Ayla Reynolds: Is Father Lying?
The latest on little baby -- new evidence from her home and new questions about her father. And -- -- standing by to weigh in in ABC's Lindsey Davis -- the start of something. Good morning George police are calling this the most intense investigation launched by Maine state police. In the last decade and it really ratcheting up the language now in saying they believe the -- inside the house the night gala disappeared. No more than what they're saying. Police are now completely dismissing the basic premise baby -- father had suggested all along. That his little girl was abducted. We have searched that home but we have found not one piece of evidence that would lead us to believe that -- -- was abducted. Most recently police revealed that evidence includes -- it was blood. Investigators found it in her father just -- to. While they won't sit just how much blood -- mother twister Reynolds says police told her it was more than a small cut would produce. There was -- found. And it wasn't just you know a small amount. I don't want to be real. And we now know more about who -- inside this house six weeks ago when -- then twenty month old went missing. -- While halo was allegedly in an -- -- bedroom by herself. The adults inside that home have told us they think someone came in the house a small home. Went into a bedroom that -- normally doesn't sleep and -- Kirk vanished in the night. And not one of them heard or -- are anything he doesn't pass the straight face test. At a vigil for -- -- over the weekend of. So much for your opinion it's -- supporting him. While police say he's been answering all of their questions they say someone isn't telling the whole truth we think -- one or all three of those adults. Have information they haven't told us and we need that information in order to find a lot. Police have not named to feature a suspect or even a person of interest in fact they say they have ruled no one out and no one -- and this is what really surprise me they say they are no closer to solving this case now. Than they were on the morning of December 17 the morning that -- was reported missing.

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{"id":15478137,"title":"Missing Baby Ayla Reynolds: Is Father Lying?","duration":"2:27","description":"Police say adults in the house when Ayla vanished know more than they're saying.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-ayla-reynolds-police-father-lying-15478137","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}