Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Was Missing Child Spotted?

Dan Abrams on witnesses who claim they saw a man with a baby late at night.
2:42 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Was Missing Child Spotted?
Space is a pretty compelling -- -- -- to see a man. With the baby had been native Korea via. That's number one and number two is the fact that -- Bradley says that the -- was wearing clothes. And this these are all accounts of a baby would be just a diaper. We did that said. The consistency of these two accounts is -- state. The fact that there is a man in this neighborhood. Oddly it and it is seemingly out of place way. Walking with a baby is -- in the middle of the night that's right but the police have also investigated -- doesn't mean they've ruled that out. This is an interesting development it's an important development. But I don't think we can necessarily. Say BC's -- the report's details handyman or one of the first things they looked into. That's right and so the idea sure you when we heard the report that the the woman's interview four times. The authorities would say look we have been looking into this again and again and again. And so far. They're not drawing any English -- -- -- right at the top why are eyewitness accounts notoriously -- alive because people tend to you have great confidence. In what they thought they saw. And that it turns out very often that. They didn't see what they said they sent back around the around the country right now law enforcement organizations are evaluating. What to do. About the problem of eyewitness testimony because it sounds -- when we were talking to try out sick. Is there an eyewitness cast -- -- witness testified XY and -- but there when you actually look at. How much eyewitness testimony ought to matter it ought not a matter not matter that much because it tends to be. Inaccurate and a lot of case. This has been a pretty remarkable week in this case started that would -- is speaking out to you and others at the beginning of the week then they clam up stop talking. The police the police get a search warrant go through the house -- a fine tooth comb and now these eyewitnesses come out. Where's the investigation -- -- in the fourth week. The investigation ought to go into it's it ought -- -- Both towards the parents and away from the parents and and that's the key. Is -- the police ought to be looking at everything. And if they're not -- this a problem. Meaning it if they're not continuing to look at the possibility of the parents that's a problem if they're not continuing to look at the possibility that this is an abduction. That's a problem I think that the authorities simply don't know what to make it I think that they have some level of distrust. For the parents and I think that's leading them to focus on the parents. But when you get down there and you talk to people they're still a lot of questions about what happened. Sure He didn't -- that my picture.

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{"id":14785658,"title":"Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Was Missing Child Spotted?","duration":"2:42","description":"Dan Abrams on witnesses who claim they saw a man with a baby late at night.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-lisa-irwin-missing-child-spotted-14785658","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}