Missing Baby Lisa's Parents Under the Microscope

Dan Abrams talks to the parents of the baby stolen from her crib.
4:05 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Missing Baby Lisa's Parents Under the Microscope
Now -- dedicated to because it wanted to try to talk them separately in the hope that it might -- Jeremy and ever more comfortable about opening up in particular about each other. But they are clearly a united front I started by asking Deborah about how she learned -- apparently failed -- lie detector test. He said that you failed. And I said Sheldon white but question that I fail. And that He said He felt the one where you know where your daughter sat. And I said that's not possible I don't know where she sat and I just -- to come unglued. It's not possible for get out -- now and He looked in my face He said I met at mothers like you. And -- industry probably something along lines of I need to tell the truth over. It's hard to hear that but. If it means after the -- -- to get back -- care. Would you take another lie detector test. Why not. Do you think it's possible if they're gonna -- I don't know they've been wrong. A lot of people have been asking whether your drinking. A lot that night whether that might explain something here there's -- explain anything because I had nothing to do with anything. Com we drinking a lot -- I was drinking it has nothing to do with my daughter's disappearance. You said did what you have been told has -- lives. What do you mean by that. During interrogation. We found Nash. Buscemi -- closed. He showed me. -- doppler. Seeing wish wounds from that that my cell phones. And hadn't I am led to believe at this point that none -- that Israel. I hope the -- -- real. So as time passes. And you feel like you're cooperating communicating with them. You're getting. What fed up with the fact that there are continuing to -- focus on the. Because I know I have actually doesn't do it my daughter's disappearance and I -- -- understand they're doing their job that they're not it's not personal but it. Does make me feel any better about it -- -- are you doing in. Who in your most private moments. -- you for a second ever thought. Indeed it was an accident. Maybe something happened no. May be. -- tried it covered up afterwards. -- -- -- -- Well first come -- -- even thought that was when there. People -- the the police and started asking us about it and but since it's not just not possible. How did you realize peace it was -- I mean I come -- Government was broken up when I got there and we -- for a couple minutes of and then now. I after you know what's going home. So what do you mean and that's my. Older. You know lights for -- -- the window. And. -- kind of jumped up out of bed. I come to Rome and that was when. My kind of realized that something might be wrong. So when you first came home you didn't immediately realize. That -- was gone no. Has this put a strain on your relationship. As a couple. It's actually -- and I'm not opposite -- -- -- You know every waking moment together since this happened. It's our commanders -- want closer. People can -- We've going to be over couldn't find their. To have the government we're gonna fighter. Pesos or from his -- because he's still got.

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{"id":14752251,"title":"Missing Baby Lisa's Parents Under the Microscope","duration":"4:05","description":"Dan Abrams talks to the parents of the baby stolen from her crib.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-lisas-parents-microscope-14752251","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}