Missing Wash. Toddler: Lie Detector for Mother?

Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams discuss Julia Biryukova's claims in son's disappearance.
5:24 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Missing Wash. Toddler: Lie Detector for Mother?
Nancy Grace host of H islands Nancy Grace and Jimmy legal analyst Dan Abrams great this year -- studio that sequence. But Jeff -- yeah. But -- all clues in this case when he when direction. They really didn't they point toward the mother now of course the mother has not been named an official suspect at this point but practically every reality. I would say it it may be a matter of formality but -- the cops can't do that right now I'd like to see the mom go ahead take a polygraph. She they say that she's cooperating -- when the mom won't take a polygraph to me that raises a red flag. Court chooses us I mean she's a person of interest she's a suspect he has more than a comment I had and would -- I mean the bottom line is the police can't say they don't want to say yet. Would definitions suspect person of interest about when they say it's problematic. What they need is this story doesn't make sense nothing -- she nodded yes and -- she's telling us is turning out to be true. -- -- every part of her story point by point the authorities are saying is falling apart. Well except that and -- and how much weight you give to this the four year old backs Obama. Well the -- -- back to the mom and the sense that she says yes he was in the car. But having interviewed mini mini an -- -- I probably thousands of child victims. That doesn't necessarily mean that it was that day. That she saw that may -- that mommy told her the baby was back there remember in most jurisdictions a child is to -- result goes in the back seat toward away from the driver so what does the forty year old. Really city. And as you know adage you know the child a four year old girl was interviewed first they interviewed again and nothing more was reveals I don't know how how tight. Her story and I think it's gonna come down with -- look -- it when I said she's suspect doesn't mean she's the person it just means that the authorities are looking at her but they're also gets continue to look at other family members mean there was a lot of family dissension here. There were custody battles in there were legal. -- -- things I can sense what other family member was in that car at that time. Question why does -- had a cellphone if they can drive this -- it wouldn't even -- suspect admitted yeah. You think no one else. Look I'm not subject but as unwise enough to know -- That when you call someone a suspect there are a constitutional rights suddenly shaky and I don't want that to happen right now. But she's driving a sports car the -- lot of money they had an escalade. They have a cell phone you get out and you walk ever of mild to -- -- listen. People daily. I've price for the twins caring about the same time she couldn't -- -- -- by the side of the road and how much weight to the police he defected both parents have been sent in the past for child endangerment. I don't know I mean because they left they left -- child I. Well how -- number one cynical it's horrible but number two he was not on the scene when the boy again is missing so he's -- pulled it if that's actually what happened I mean if it would actually happen basically were driving. And it did child was let you know that we don't believe that's right that's my point we don't even know that that's the. Exciting few weeks ago right neighbor may be this out it could have been through Heatley had been and the plot -- -- believe -- -- hate each -- she's not covering for him if they had. I didn't does assessment before before you before you all -- we gotta talk about Penn State. Your boy what a remarkable scene last night the trustees fired the president fired Joseph Paterno seemed like the only choice it can possibly happen but it campus -- You know I find it disturbing and I understand everybody's loyalty to Paterno I love to -- -- the most winning catch ever. But here's the -- what is everybody turning ever car because somebody rightfully gets fired when nobody's turning never a car when eighteen year old boy. It's and molested in the shower by a grown -- -- all right he's been formally charged. I don't -- more troubled by the other Penn State officials have been charged not just for failing to report but for perjury it means that that the authorities believe -- -- aid to the grand jury. About what they knew in connection with this -- That's how I don't understand -- have -- -- and -- -- what does this happened so often these kids confused loyalties people think they've got to cover for their -- -- got to cover for the school. I want to get involved. This some degree of the game of telephone one person tell somebody else when the when this story is this a ten year old getting -- and just -- it's very hard to say oh I know this interpreted -- misunderstand him all. A full independent witnesses you -- -- steer and got several other people. That visually see the child. Getting raped in the shower but Paterno is in no danger and correct me if I'm wrong is in no danger of being charged you because he didn't actually he -- legal -- He recorded although there is an argument that someone could make which is that the person who came to him was his -- -- -- he was the supervisor. And as a result that he should have reported but. The authorities have decided that that's not going to be a theory they're -- -- -- all got a civil where similar -- to get criminally charged last night it happened happened civil lawsuits could certainly occur. -- -- -- The government just want to -- I didn't know what do you say they have white negatively to the dance exactly -- yeah. I immigrated worst -- accident I would like -- and I think most regretted ever say yes it but I cannot save you guessed that without -- -- look at nominal elderly but now he -- -- -- -- I don't I.

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{"id":14922554,"title":"Missing Wash. Toddler: Lie Detector for Mother?","duration":"5:24","description":"Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams discuss Julia Biryukova's claims in son's disappearance.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-wash-toddler-lie-detector-mother-14922554","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}