Mitt Romney Bus Tour Attempts to Regain Momentum

David Kerley, George Stephanopoulos look at the GOP campaign strategy.
3:00 | 09/23/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney Bus Tour Attempts to Regain Momentum
All right, paula, thank you. We'll turn now to the race to the white house. Just 44 days away from the election day and the romney campaign is hoping to get past a rough week. Will it be enough to regain the momentum? It's your voice, your vote. David kerley has the lastest from washington. Reporter: The days are slipping away now. Many republicans are begging mitt romney to reset his campaign. Some of gop complain romney is losing. He's not on the trial enough. Spending too much time fund-raising. As he was last night in california. Just coming to town to see you. Reporter: There are calls for big changes for his campaign, which romney dismisses on "60 minutes." I got a very effective campaign, doing a very good job. Reporter: Will he turn around his campaign in. Well, it doesn't need a turnaround. We got a campaign that's tied with an incumbent president of the united states. While he seizes on the president's line that he can't change washington from the inside. But the romney campaign is changing. With aides promising an intense batt battleground schedule. Campaigning in virginia. He doesn't lead in any battleground states. But the campaign is making inroads in wisconsin. Not surprisy the president hoping to block any momentum visited. Even though he won this state by 14 points, the president admits this year is harder in wisconsin. I don't believe in just looking out for workers or businesses or rich or poor, or 53% or 47%, I'mng to look out for everybody. That's why I'm runnior a second term. That's why I need your vote. That's what the president wants to talk about when he's out on the campaign trial. Romney's 47% comment. By the way, that was the president's first visit to wisconsin in 220 days showing just how team obama hoping to blunt any momentum romney may gain in those battleground states. For more on all of this, let's bring in the hard egs working man in news, his name is george stephanopoulos. How is thator an intree? Like it. His advisers are saying it needs a reset. Number one, he just -- he has to have do no harm strategy. Knowing that the president is going to pounce on anything that might resemble a pounce. Saturate the battleground states with mitt romney. Right now, he's behind or barely tied in any single battleground. He's not ahead. Number three, he's got to focus, again, hard on the economy, one of this things that's helping president obama right now is more and more americans think the country is going in the right direction and he's pulled to even with romney on the economy. Another big turning point in ten days, the debate, the first debate, they say this is a real potential opportunity for romney. If you're in the room prepping him what are you telling him to do that night? Every single answer that mitt romney gives in that first debate, the last big audience of the campaign has to be about the economy, focused on president obama. The candidate of status quo, the way things are. And he has to offer specific solutions. Only the first debate is the one with the big audience? In part, voting has already begun in some states. By the third debate in late october, more than a third of the country will have already vote zmrd thank you very much for coming on. George has a big show this morning. His guests include david axelrod and reince priebus. The story about the guy who

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{"id":17300898,"title":"Mitt Romney Bus Tour Attempts to Regain Momentum","duration":"3:00","description":"David Kerley, George Stephanopoulos look at the GOP campaign strategy.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-bus-tour-attempts-regain-momentum-17300898","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}