Mitt Romney: Gingrich 'Angry,' 'Disappointed'

GOP front-runner discusses Iowa win, Newt Gingrich's claim that he is a "liar."
4:46 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney: Gingrich 'Angry,' 'Disappointed'
Turned out to the winner the Iowa Caucuses Mitt Romney joins us from Des Moines this morning and governor congratulations I guess every vote counts right. I guess that's true but all I think there's a real boost coming out of Iowa not just for me but also of course -- Rick Santorum and Ron Paul but what does it say about your candidacy he actually won fewer votes than he did -- In 2008. Any -- Rick Santorum to a draw basically even though you spent -- outspent in fifteen to one on television ads. Well this was a seven person field of course and so you can't do with seven people -- -- what you could do with a smaller field. And I've also run a national campaign. The Rick has focused his effort and I think it a wise way entirely. Iowa. I've been campaigning in other states are putting together the kind of organization which tonight I believe -- get me the 11150 delegates I -- so. Well -- its I'm gonna take everywhere and I can possibly get. And get every delegate I can possibly get. It is Rick Santorum your prime opponent now and what's your top argument against him why should Republican voters choose you over him. You don't I don't know who the that the that the other finalist will be I hope I'm -- -- the two finalists by the way at this stage it looks like it's Rick Santorum. Can't and we have very different backgrounds I spent my life the first 25 years and in the private sector I know a great deal about how jobs are created how they come and how they go. And and I think Rick has spent most of his life and the and the governmental sector. Nothing wrong without experience but it's very different I think if you want to get the economy going again. Meantime Newt Gingrich is really coming after the -- I'm sure you know yesterday -- you a liar. Saying that you know a lot more about those super pac guessing you're letting on he also says -- a Massachusetts moderate Jake Tapper should in his piece. His -- going to be greeted by and the Manchester union leader the choice only a bold Reagan conservative Newt Gingrich -- that -- can defeat. President Obama what's your responses from former speaker Gingrich. Well I'm sure he's he's disappointed in the results last night but. I expect will go on and and -- -- spirited campaign and you -- will afford to see even the that in the states ahead look -- I have pretty broad shoulders I know the attacks are gonna come -- get a become more fast and furious now. And they're gonna come from the DNC as well as the president and the White House. As well as my rivals in the Republican contest that if you can't handle -- -- now you certainly can't handle the -- down the road he's calling you a liar is that out of balance. You know it's pretty heated rhetoric obviously and I and I think he's just really angry disappointed and I mean he was leading in the polls here by a pretty wide margin and and one of the things I feel good about as having come from way behind. Just a few weeks ago to to kind of point where what word a virtual tie for the F for the finish. -- in -- looking at the bigger picture in the Republican primary is now it seems like here winning the minds. A Republican voters -- those in Iowa but not their hearts those who want to beat Obama. Go to -- but those who are looking for a true conservative press strong moral leader are looking elsewhere how do you fix that. You know I think kept people have to hear me more more survived the record -- as the Massachusetts governor and remember that I ran for years ago. And and Mike Huckabee and I -- the conservative choices and that campaign we got beaten by a very strong campaigner and John McCain. But you know others have to get my message across the country and I think people who understand that I -- restored in this country it's fundamental principles of freedom and opportunity. Are being drawn to my campaign and by the way the crowds here in Iowa were large and enthusiastic. They were large and his guests who visit said he didn't get fewer votes than four years ago and I wonder if you look at. The -- the general election had lived with -- Obama as you tried to appeal. These Republican voters looking for a true conservative are you -- all if you try to reassure them that you might then turn off. Those moderates and independent voters you'll need in a general election if you do indeed get the nomination those independent voters last night went heavily to Ron Paul. You know I actually think George that that if you're in a race like this. You express your views on the issues and talk about your vision for the country. And you really don't trying to figure out which group you're trying to appeal to I wrote a book a couple of years ago -- laid up my vision for the country. I'm not gonna sway to the right of the left of that I'm just -- talk about the things I believe it and hopefully that will lead me to a victory but if it doesn't. You know I can live of that stand by your prediction from a couple days of playing to win this nomination. You know I sure plan on winning the nomination that's no sure thing I I can't predict how that will happen but I think if I do my job. -- our team is able to do a good job why we had to be able to post up up pretty well against President Obama down the road. Government -- thanks very much we'll see Saturday New Hampshire. Thanks George get -- it did.

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{"id":15285972,"title":"Mitt Romney: Gingrich 'Angry,' 'Disappointed'","duration":"4:46","description":"GOP front-runner discusses Iowa win, Newt Gingrich's claim that he is a \"liar.\"","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-gingrich-angry-disappointed-15285972","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}