Mitt Romney Picks Up Big Endorsements

Bob Dole says that Romney is his pick for the GOP presidential candidate.
2:21 | 12/18/11

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Transcript for Mitt Romney Picks Up Big Endorsements
-- -- voice your vote we're about two weeks away now from the Iowa Caucuses. The first step on what could -- A very very long road to the Republican nomination -- this morning one of the candidates picking up a key endorsement ABC's David -- Following all the action overnight David that -- deal. -- -- effect too big endorsements for Mitt Romney Bob Dole says Romney is his pick and the biggest newspaper in Des Moines Register endorsed Romney when he wasn't even in the state. In fact with this final sprint under way two of the leading candidates are not in Iowa. -- -- Social conservatives in Iowa believe Mitt Romney has ignored their -- but that didn't stop the democratic -- to Moines register from endorsing Romney. Citing his quote sobriety wisdom and judgment. Half a country -- way Romney tweeted quote looking forward to being back in Iowa soon. Others are blanketing the state. Call -- the holiday down. We -- candidates believing that voters won't pay much attention after Thursday or Friday when they shifted the holiday boat. That's what we saw Rick Perry's -- oh there goes Michelle Bachmann is -- Crisscrossing the state and each other's -- they were even asked to sign the same piece of Paper in the -- That's. But Romney all the while was in South Carolina hoping to capitalize on the endorsement from the governor there. -- -- endorsement that is he attacking again for the money the former speaker made from mortgage giants Freddie and Fannie. Gingrich says it wasn't for -- Romney says if it walks and talks elected -- typically it's a -- The attacks seem to be working. Gingrich's lead is slipping. He too was missing in action in Iowa he was home in Washington visiting George Washington's Mount Vernon. Signing books and using a conference call to talk to his supporters in Iowa. Ron Paul has been on the attack to. On the Tonight Show. Get rich he maybe should run for speaker of the -- for the. Gingrich continues to stir some controversy in that conference call yesterday he said he would abolish some courts that are out of step with the country if he is president. -- deferral flurry of campaigning -- get ready for Chris -- on its -- be -- crazy with it is heating up all right David thank you.

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{"id":15182264,"title":"Mitt Romney Picks Up Big Endorsements","duration":"2:21","description":"Bob Dole says that Romney is his pick for the GOP presidential candidate.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-picks-big-endorsements-15182264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}