Republican Candidates Attack President on Religion

John Berman reports on the latest in the race for the Republican nomination.
2:34 | 02/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Republican Candidates Attack President on Religion
Return to fighting words on the campaign trail right now the leading Republican candidates taking aim at present Obama over religion and faith. All ahead of what could be the final debate tonight -- your voice your vote. We'll talk live to governor Chris -- in just a minute but first ABC's John Berman joins us with the late morning. Good morning -- -- -- as for that debate tonight one key Republican close to Mitt Romney told me. Expect fireworks. Romney's been running for president from much the last six years but now comes down to just six days. Six days that the determine his political future. And if he has one. -- -- -- The establishment whose backers outspent his opponents last month by 21 who seemed the inevitable nominee. Mitt Romney is. The -- -- he better be Mitt Romney's lead has slipped to four points in Arizona he has trailed Rick Santorum in his home state of Michigan. And of the national Gallup poll Santorum is now up ten points after trailing Romney by 21 points just two weeks ago I. The comeback plan Rick Santorum is now just being seen for the first time that many in many homes and and his background and -- -- very different to being seen in home with a lot of help from negative ads from Romney supporters. Santorum even voted to raise his own -- there -- also constant media reports highlighting santorum's conservative social and religious views. Like his 2008. Speech suggesting Seton is attacking America if you were -- Who would you attack. In this day and age there is no one else to go laughter and -- even raised the Rush Limbaugh is eyebrows he'll have to deal with. You'll have to winter memorable. More than any kid it -- foreign faces repeated questions about social issues some -- -- double standard. Like Santorum President Obama technically opposes same sex marriage. In Mitt Romney just -- the White House is if he religion they have fought. Against religion or -- Santorum responded to the attacks and reports defend everything I'll say. Because they consummate. Leader he ended when -- -- its beaches. Talking to religious group. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now two last points first don't forget Newt Gingrich he's been strong in past debates and some Republicans from Rush Limbaugh out of Sarah Palin are -- There could be another resurgence in second. Expect Mitt Romney -- parts of the new tax plan as soon as today insiders suggest it will be bolder and flatter -- his previous plan.

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{"id":15764145,"title":"Republican Candidates Attack President on Religion","duration":"2:34","description":"John Berman reports on the latest in the race for the Republican nomination.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-rick-santorumrepublican-candidates-attack-president-obama-religion-15764145","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}