Mitt Romney VP Pick: Who is Paul Ryan?

Wis. representative is known as a budget hawk with knowledge on GOP economic policy.
3:00 | 08/13/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney VP Pick: Who is Paul Ryan?
He got one on you. Thanks so much. And paul ryan is electrifying the republican base. Best known as the man with the controversial budget plan. Abc's jon karl is in iowa with more details. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Paul ryan hits the campaign trail on his own for the first time as the candidate energized by a massive sendoff in his home state of wisconsin. I like to hunt here. I like to fish here. I like to snowmobile here. I even think ice fishing is interesting. Reporter: Paul ryan is a native of jansville, wisconsin, a town of 60,000 that seemed to be filled with ryans, he played football, volleyball. Was class president. When he was 16 his dad died. He's been an overachiever ever since determined to make his dad proud. I was raisesed with the packers, dodger, bucks and brewers. Reporter: He first came to washington as a 22-year-old intern, moonlighting as a waiter in this restaurant and fitness trainer at this gym. Five years later, running for congress, elected when he was just 28. He met his wife, jana, on a blind date. She's now a stay at home man. They live on the same block where ryan grew up. On capitol hill, ryan made a name for himself as a numbers geek. The kind of guy that gets excited reading the federal budget. You literally go through it line by line. Reporter: But he gets a charge out of catching giant catfish with his bare hands. It's called noodling. He's an avid bow hunter and is obsessed with fitness. Paul ryan is in phenomenal shape. It gives him the energy to think clearly and gives him the enthusiasm to do what he does. Reporter: Ryan seems to work the way he works out like he's in a hurry to make his mark to do big things. Now, george, of course, he has really got a chance. Stick around we'll bring in jake tapper for how the white house is viewing this. Litlet me begin, the president surprised by this pick. He had his eye on the congressman for a while. He singled him out as someone to be taken seriously. They've gotten into conflicts at these republican meetings that president obama has had. He called him out a couple of times. They will be focusing on medicare, medicaid. This morning the obama campaign sent me front pages of these florida newspapers which focus on paul ryan's pick hurting the romney ticket in florida because of what ryan proposes doing to medicare. Jon, I take it the best defense for the romney team will be go on offense here? They fight fire for fire. You're already hearing that. Talking about the medicare cuts that are in the president's But they are also going to channel ronald reagan when he turned to jimmy carter and said there you go again. They said the president is going gutter politics that paul ryan's changes to medicare don't affect any current seniors and won't go into effect for 20 year. The white house is pleased with the choice because they see him as a target. Is there anything about ryan that worries the obama campaign? Certainly, the potential to inspire young voters, catholic voters and energize the republican base. It sure did energize mitt romney over the weekend, the choice. Unbelievable change in romney, he seemed more natural, more at ease with ryan at his side. Those crowds, george, we haven't seen it ever with romney. We saw people waiting for hour, lining up, overflowing through the heat. Really a huge bolt of energy. Of course we have to see if it remains that way. Right now there's no question this is an energized campaign. We know the white house will target ryan's budgest. Is there anything they'll focus on? He is catholic and opposes abortion being legal in casesincest. You'll see that factoid. Thanks, very much. From politics to the olympics, after 19 days and more than 900 medals the london

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{"id":16992518,"title":"Mitt Romney VP Pick: Who is Paul Ryan?","duration":"3:00","description":"Wis. representative is known as a budget hawk with knowledge on GOP economic policy.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-vice-president-pick-wisconsin-congressman-paul-16992518","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}