Mitt Romney Visits Israel

The presidential hopeful outlines how he would handle Iran.
3:23 | 07/29/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney Visits Israel
Mitt Romney is -- Israel today it's the second stop of his international war. And the presidential candidate has already made news outlining how would -- -- the escalating tensions with Iran. ABC's weekend world news anchor David Muir is traveling with Romney and has more this morning from Jerusalem. -- got a good morning from Jerusalem where Mitt Romney met with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu here earlier this morning. He displays Campbell had dinner with the Netanyahu later today the two are longtime friends having worked together back in the 1970s. But emerging from Israel here this morning tough talk on Iran in -- the foreign policy advisor with the -- campaign saying that Mitt Romney would respect. And that -- Israeli military strike against Iran aimed at preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear capability. Romney is expected to elaborate on this later here today in a speech in an excerpt released we are told he will say make no mistake. The Ayatollah was in Tehran are testing our moral defenses they want to know -- object. And who will look the other way. Of course the Obama administration has not taken military options off the table so far. Relying on sanctions here in the region. We will ask the governor for exact differences between what he's laying out and what we've heard so far from President Obama as we sit down with the governor here. Later today. -- Part of that interview some must -- television there all right David thank you dance. So will that warm welcome in Israel be enough to erase memories of Romney's somewhat snake bitten visit to England let's ask Matt -- ABC news political analyst -- in for George Stephanopoulos on this week today and record -- TO. Great to see you -- so. When pretty good start to the visit to Israel he had a rough ride in London did he's -- himself actual lasting damage mr. Romney. When he was in London -- -- this Israel trip make up for it. Well he did himself monetary damage obviously this is one of the situation when you -- -- nationally for the first time. As some it's on the world stage you wanted to demonstrate your capacity hold it duet be confident on that and that obviously London part of the trip didn't demonstrate that. I think he obviously has to finish this up strong finish it up well in Israel. And then come back -- United States does he wants to get back here as soon as he can and -- -- talk again about the economy so finish strong try to put on the past him and come back and talk about the economy. Well let me ask you question closer to home even at the president's advisors according to New York Times today are a little worried that some of his TV ads have gone too negative. -- I know both candidates are going negative but is there a special risk here. Four and the president who was the candidate of hope and change back in 2008. It's always a risk what -- negative ads especially about the press United States running for reelection in this campaign it's a balancing you have to you have to look at. I look at negative -- a lot like weed killer. And which is is that you gotta have enough to kill the weeds but you don't want -- have too much it's gonna damage your own lawn and they're worried I think that they're damaging they may be damaging their own lawn. If you take a look at the data last two weeks 90% of the ads that President Obama campaign has run. Have been negative ads equally -- for Mitt Romney but I think it's especially problematic. For Barack Obama who came into this race with such hope such positive things such a way I'm gonna change the tone and he seems to have dropped down to the same thing Americans are really tired out. It's all about the proper dosage of that weed killer. Matt had thank you were your input this morning by the -- -- got a big show this morning including ABC's John Karl who has scored an exclusive interview with the former vice president. Dick Cheney.

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{"id":16880467,"title":"Mitt Romney Visits Israel","duration":"3:23","description":"The presidential hopeful outlines how he would handle Iran.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-visits-israel-16880467","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}