Will Mitt Romney's VP Search End Before Bus Tour?

Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Rob Portman and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty lead the pack.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will Mitt Romney's VP Search End Before Bus Tour?
After the blistering week of ads from both sides, mitt romney is ready to get back on his bus for a tour of the battleground states. Has he chosen a running mate for Jon karl joins us from boston this morning. You get the feeling he has made up his mind? Reporter: Well, those close to romney, some of them believe he has made up his mind. But most people working across the river at romney headquarters still have no idea. In fact, george, they already have a staff in waiting over there. About two dozen people working on the vice presidential candidate's staff. They have computers. They've been puissued ipads. They have desks over there. But they have no indication. They haven't been given a short list of possibilities. But as you can imagine, they've been working from the same list we have. A real lobbying campaign going on in conservative circles for congressman paul ryan of wisconsin. Reporter: That's right. Paul ryan is the candidate of the moment right now for the right wing. You've seen "the wall street journal's" very influential editorial page, urging romney to pick him. You see the same thing from prominent conservative magazines like "national review" and "weekly standard." There's little indication they will sway romney, in terms of his decision. But as we've been talking about for some time, there's no doubt that paul ryan is right there on the shortest of short lists. And is right in contention. A look at the ads. It seems this time around that both sides are willing to take all kinds of heat for getting accused of running misleading ads and they're going to keep pumping them out there? Reporter: Yeah. It's almost like they're not trying to be factual. But this election has come down to not persuading undecideds. There's 5% of voters that haven't made up their mind. They're trying to chin up their base and strongest supporters and get them out to the polls. And if a few misleading ads happen along the way, so be it. All right. Jon karl, thanks so much. I'll have much more on "this week," including tim pawlenty, who is on the short list.

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{"id":16976041,"title":"Will Mitt Romney's VP Search End Before Bus Tour?","duration":"3:00","description":"Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Rob Portman and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty lead the pack.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romneys-vice-president-search-end-bus-tour-16976041","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}