MLB Catcher Kidnapped

Catcher for the Washington Nationals was taken by armed men in Venezuela.
0:22 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for MLB Catcher Kidnapped
We actually have a developing story today want more that one Major League baseball's rising stars has been abducted at gun point Wilson Ramos is a catcher for the Washington Nationals he was at home in his native Venezuela last night when four armed men burst and and took him away police have no clues as -- -- Ramos was taken and there's been no contact from the kidnappers regarding any ransom demands.

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{"id":14922774,"title":"MLB Catcher Kidnapped","duration":"0:22","description":"Catcher for the Washington Nationals was taken by armed men in Venezuela.","url":"/GMA/video/mlb-catcher-wilson-ramos-kidnapped-14922774","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}