MLK Memorial Dedication in D.C.

After being delayed by weather, President Obama is set to make keynote speech.
2:20 | 10/16/11

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Transcript for MLK Memorial Dedication in D.C.
And the sun will be shining on a solemn ceremony this morning on the Washington DC mall the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial seven weeks after hurricane Irene. Force the original event to be postponed today President Obama will give. The keynote speech Aretha Franklin and many others will be singing. -- some of the surviving civil rights leaders who marched with Doctor King they will be there to. The Martin Luther King Jr. memorial wolf finally officially be dedicated today. Car from granite and soaring thirty feet it joins the champion of great American presidents with monuments nearby. Washington Jefferson and Lincoln where king gave his famous I have a dream speech in 1963. -- -- -- Joseph Lowery now ninety years old was one of king's closest confidence. I'm Byrd followed the country and has seen it on -- medium and two on the movement. And He led -- -- On the day before the official ceremony hundreds of people visited the king memorial. It's like an ultimate dream come true to see this happen I think there's a residence here for me today you -- policy -- every race is standing just -- -- How he's changed America. Martin Luther King the third was just ten years old when his father was assassinated in 1968. The -- children approved the design of the memorial. The first emotion I had when I first saw the monument. I've been -- and I had to fight back tears tears of joy. There's also been controversy first over the selection of a Chinese -- -- release you issue some thought the sculptor should have been African American or at least American. And now there is growing criticism over one of the quotations on the monument the excerpt reads. I was the drum major. We're just. -- -- -- -- -- In his actual speech -- condemned people who act like they are -- drum major the leader. He actually said if you want to say that I was a drum major say that I was -- drum major for justice. Mya Angelou among others said that truncated quote lacking the word if -- makes -- appear arrogant. But many of those who came here are not bothered by the clash over the inscription. They are here to pay homage to the man. --

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{"id":14746938,"title":"MLK Memorial Dedication in D.C.","duration":"2:20","description":"After being delayed by weather, President Obama is set to make keynote speech. ","url":"/GMA/video/mlk-memorial-dedication-dc-14746938","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}