ABC Special Report: Gadhafi

Rebel leader says Libyan dictator was captured and shot by rebel forces.
3:36 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for ABC Special Report: Gadhafi
This is an ABC news special. All of your. Good morning we are in ripping Good Morning America here on the East Coast regular program on the West Coast because we have learned reports from Libya. The Moammar Gadhafi the leader of Libya for more than forty years has been killed by rebel forces that report is coming from the leader of the military council. For the rebels national transition council He said that Qaddafi was captured was -- shot. In search his home town rebels of course have been pursuing him there for several months who -- the latest now from Jeffrey Kaufman and won it. Good morning George this if true is huge news Libya TV now reporting that former dictator Moammar Gadhafi is dead. They say He was killed by rebel soldiers according Libyan TV He pleaded don't shoot don't shoot. But they shot him the announcement made it very dramatic fashion by an -- -- Libyan TV. Draped in the rebel flag -- Green black and red flag that what we've seen so much. We need to emphasize that there is still no independent confirmation of this. There is celebration though under way are crossed Libya. An official with the -- from rebel government told in Al-Jazeera that -- Was shot in both legs they now say -- their fifties died of those wounds. And they are going to make an official statement in a matter of hours. Are we still has emphasized that there's no independent confirmation of this. We do know that this morning anti -- rebels finally took control of -- -- hometown of search the last loyalists -- out and that means of the rebels now control the entire country stork. OK Jeffrey thanks very much because we have no confirmation yet either from the White House the Pentagon -- State Department source Christiane Amanpour is joining us now courses is huge news He. He took over to crew in 1969 such a small country but. Such a large role in the huge. He is being the global villain for so long now. He knows he's being accused of so many things pan am 103 all these issues that had such close connection. We've United States are -- He sort of came in from the cold a few years ago but the minute this Arab -- started. And the idea was really the second also adopted two -- -- in Egypt. The world really decided enough is enough. -- unprecedented. -- no fly zone the United States put up along with his NATO allies helping the national transitional council the -- rebels to get rid of this man. Now that so many of the people in Libya had risen up and I told some of what I have a clear when you talked of several months ago that He didn't really know what was happening. You know none of these people do when they had been cocooned -- people -- told them yes -- their lives they'd really don't know what's going on I've seen that over and over again and revolutions and and an upheaval such as this but He really did not want to know what was going -- if you remember. The minute the people started to rise up in their industries He pulled them cockroaches were gonna come out you. I'm never going to surrender of a mistake here tonight -- that kind of thing but it was different this time because they were in such denial before because of uprisings before. They were always able to beat them back but it's a different world now it's a completely different world and the people -- not going to be put back. Serious -- -- an -- that He immediate thanks to the US and its NATO allies which ruled the US and they -- able to crack. Gadhafi is superior forces and other major dictators on Christiane Amanpour thanks very much -- the veteran of covering now have much -- This has spent NB BC news Special Report.

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{"id":14777201,"title":"ABC Special Report: Gadhafi ","duration":"3:36","description":"Rebel leader says Libyan dictator was captured and shot by rebel forces.","url":"/GMA/video/moammar-gadhafi-captured-in-libya-14777201","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}