Momentous Day for Oprah's South African School

The first class from the Leadership Academy is graduating and going to college.
2:45 | 01/14/12

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Transcript for Momentous Day for Oprah's South African School
Well Oprah Winfrey says she is one proud -- today the first class of students is graduating from her leadership academy for girls in South Africa. ABC's -- if money isn't South Africa with the latest -- think. Dan Rihanna has great yeah. -- -- and the Oprah Winfrey leadership academy. Might. -- Parent parent it's okay I'm good girls mom will run through. -- -- Dancing on a day about -- -- the nomination my whole life to get back but has been given to me. Today I get to see the fulfillment of that -- Oprah Winfrey news each of these girls from -- he calls them her -- -- I have never been more proud. To know. To grow. And to call myself. -- Oprah. To you girls. Her gift to them it was a world class education that her forty million dollar boarding school. Plus. -- -- Thank you for showing -- -- to skills. That parents have greater purpose and that's what. She expected to -- can be overcome with emotion on this day she took this -- And to put her or into it. And I think that's the -- -- It's hard to believe he's grade -- young women. Were once girls living in extreme poverty coming from difficult childhood. They barely dreamed of pants in high school. Now -- all 72 graduates are headed to college. The course of their lives is changed. So that they can change the lives of. Others when you invest. In the leadership of girls you invest. In the leadership of the nation. Because every one of these girls is going to serve herself. Her family her community and this country in ways. That I'm yet to amaze -- Just wait to beat them. East -- these girls. Oprah says she plans to help even more girls all around the world get a better education but she acknowledged that there are a lot of challenges that come with trying to write your own school. Says he's thinking about sending those girls its existing quality school.

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{"id":15360819,"title":"Momentous Day for Oprah's South African School","duration":"2:45","description":"The first class from the Leadership Academy is graduating and going to college. ","url":"/GMA/video/momentous-day-oprahs-south-african-school-15360819","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}