Mother Saves Daughter From Shark

Woman wrestles teen out of the mouth of a shark.
2:18 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Mother Saves Daughter From Shark
And out of the brave mom who fought off a shark attacking her daughter while they were surfing in Florida one sign perhaps that. The apex predators are arriving early to the coast -- we share them with. And ABC's -- Udinese is at the site now of that terrifying close encounter new Smyrna beach young -- good morning to you. Good morning Josh they call this the shark attack capital of the world and last Wednesday when a teenager blitz attack in those waters her mother had to wrestle her out of the shark's mouth to save her. -- -- daughter were surfing side by side when suddenly. -- unthinkable. His worst -- -- -- an animal and -- kill my daughter pulling her underwater bill Levy told WP MG the five foot shark. Wouldn't let girls it was to me like a scene out of -- -- the -- the girls getting sucked under. And I said there is no way this thing is gonna kill my daughter and I grabbed her shoulders. And I pulled her up in this room -- on the nose of my -- I'm hair -- straight up but it's. -- parent was searching nearby and saw the fifteen year old go under she. Let -- for more than I didn't really know exactly what happened and then hustled the mom let go hand -- the that day. Sydney's -- was back on the shore helping another surfer would also been attacked by a shark just minutes earlier. Nick Romano his injuries were severe he needed seventeen stitches on his calf. This settlement word filters tell -- -- objective here and check this didn't really want my leg. The day after these two attacks down the coast at Jensen Beach a bull shark actually left out of -- water. And bit down on this surfers arm I looked over and now if -- -- -- -- shark that. That's had -- only about a foot wide and earlier this month -- shark sunk 22 teeth into the leg of a teenager at nearby plant Linda beach. These four survivors the first dangerous encounters of 2012. Long before the summer shark season has even started. Now that fifteen year old did need surgery on her foot and ankle but thankfully she is expected to make a full recovery. It's all thanks to her very brave mom -- indeed it is indeed these thank you for that.

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{"id":15952496,"title":"Mother Saves Daughter From Shark","duration":"2:18","description":"Woman wrestles teen out of the mouth of a shark.","url":"/GMA/video/mother-saves-daughter-shark-attack-15952496","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}