Murdered Montana Teacher Mystery

One man has been arrested and another questioned in the death of Sherry Arnold.
1:56 | 01/15/12

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Transcript for Murdered Montana Teacher Mystery
-- serious murder of a beloved high school teacher in Montana two people are in custody but they're in different states. Police say she isn't dead but are not saying how she was killed or even if she was killed. It was his -- -- is looking into this puzzling investigation. We are able to announce that a significant breakthrough -- occurred. Authorities have charged two men with aggravated kidnapping in connection with -- Arnold's disappearance. The 43 year old math teacher went missing last Saturday after leaving home for an early morning jog. Investigators are confirming her death. But have given no details on what happened for the two men arrested they still want information out of the two people they were arrested. They don't want to compromise that until they get all of the information. After days of searching on foot going house to house in the small town of Sidney Montana. An anonymous call to -- line gave investigators the break they needed. One of the two arrested is a 47 year old man being held in nearby Wilson North Dakota. The other a 22 year old man found several hundred miles -- way in Rapid City, South Dakota. There is still so much mystery did they target her was this a hit and run or something else the scary thing is. It may be -- random it may be that she was was hit. By accident or that she was abducted. Hundreds of Arnold's friends and family gather to remember her at a memorial service on Friday -- -- leaves behind five children and her husband Gary who tells ABC news. We would like to think police the FBI the people -- Sydney the people around who've turned out to help and the role they played in bringing -- back home. It wasn't how we wanted her come home but she came home to a loss for Good Morning America against -- ABC news -- him.

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{"id":15365017,"title":"Murdered Montana Teacher Mystery","duration":"1:56","description":"One man has been arrested and another questioned in the death of Sherry Arnold. ","url":"/GMA/video/murdered-montana-teacher-mystery-15365017","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}