How Do You Celebrate National Hotdog Day?

"Phil on the Street" hits Times Square to find out how people celebrate.
4:33 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for How Do You Celebrate National Hotdog Day?
Premiering a new segment that I was -- this is -- We so we have the dancing girls and we have we have a big we have a big thing right the big thing well they're dancing going to have felt well it is. He's a script an audience coordinator Gary Good Morning America he's acts I'm sure you see if you watch the program he's usually the guy who's wearing. Clothes that you shouldn't -- doing -- -- sunshine our hot dog or -- outfit earning dead and 45 cents an hour that we pay him whatever I mean he's not paid enough. But he hit the streets today specifically. Street to Times Square in honor of national hot dog day to learn about everyone's favorite ways to celebrate. Let's take a look let's look shall -- -- -- -- Sure he didn't national hot dog day 2013. Let's not -- how do you stay hot doubling your native -- and again -- myself wouldn't. We want to see how many fights -- nothing. It's. A -- why. And where you can't change and finished in -- night. Okay. So what's your favorite hot -- top -- Plus -- -- Hot dog day TNT you know until and to all of -- felt we'd love -- we love them by the way to celebrate with us Hideki as well I'll bet is here by the way -- -- -- -- dogs specialists -- -- coming over particularly. Do please let me just clear rules based -- and now we had a restaurant isn't. -- let's all is that yes that's definitely got I book -- -- -- -- going to kind of in between the middle him. And explain to us now you're here to show us all the different things you do -- -- -- dog right -- right in town let's work left to right. Sounds great okay. So this is our Santa hot -- called put don't mean this -- a Japanese official in this we'll be doozy of the sauces on top of the hunt does. We have the open -- besides the Japanese male little but -- -- -- -- go home brooding artists yes. We are here today to make your hot dog at home feel terribly insecure. This isn't it. Wow. All had been -- yeah yeah. This is -- -- -- -- what we have here is our specialty sausage we have our special homemade it's us yeah. -- but that -- on top down towards sit up you did yeah. OK -- -- -- yeah. And economic. In the -- -- work -- and now it turns out it's delicious to translate what justice. And now that's with -- check -- seat -- describe that for music. This is really good as well what we have here is that Terry -- Japanese male and are seeded. This is obese this and this is the -- -- and and people go for the seaweed in the hot dog yes they really do yes they do. -- -- -- -- And there again. Cannot. Do its emergence of -- -- -- his -- -- -- That's got to see rescue. Things just don't like all of them together original and -- you -- -- -- ABC's agent on Saturday morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get all the -- we did hear about the Brazilian -- and not last but not least. And this is what -- or associates based -- Japanese rightists on top of the Hutton on how we finish -- the green onion and our special soy sauce. This is really get as well. Millions -- dreadful for what this. Among African government of Hamas and I'm along with -- umpire -- don't drive how big -- -- lousy at Oakmont brother out what do you think. Now this is Japanese -- -- -- mail as well this is -- officials' whistles on soy sauce area. -- -- -- -- Don't know where Japan Jaffa dog breath she -- him think -- Canada though right now we're in New York we have one at saint marks place OK Jason Marquis so we can get what can we get can we get a -- If -- order to you -- you may only one of these especially when you can -- We want -- look look for them please because they were nice enough to bring their food to us to show you put Sam knew -- just one not. Trust and I already know nine out. I think you wrapping up a hot -- everybody.

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{"id":19746856,"title":"How Do You Celebrate National Hotdog Day?","duration":"4:33","description":"\"Phil on the Street\" hits Times Square to find out how people celebrate.","url":"/GMA/video/national-hotdog-day-celebrating-americas-favorite-summer-food-19746856","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}