National Park Weddings Shutdown Due to Shutdown

Couples looking to get married in a romantic setting are forced into some creative alternatives.
3:00 | 10/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for National Park Weddings Shutdown Due to Shutdown
Another story in d.C., Day five of the government shutdown and there's still no end in sight, president obama catching reporters offguard friday, taking a surprise stroll with vice president to local deli for lunch. Neither side is budges. And the shutdown is impacting everything from economy to love. This couple, take a look at this picture. They wanted to get married in our national park. They had to come up with a creative alternative instead. Abc's jeff zeleny has the very latest. Good morning, jeff. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. Both sides insist they want to end. It's slowly but sadly becoming the new normal. Overnight, in the president's weekly address no signs of a breakthrough. Take that vote. End this shutdown now. Reporter: And no common ground on capitol hill. This isn't some game. Reporter: A standoff growing deeper by the day. Reporter: President obama once planning to leave tonight for an economic summit in asia is stuck in washington, his travel halted by the government shutdown. On friday, the president taking a rare stroll from the white house for a sandwich. Original or wheat bread. Reporter: Walking back a comment from within the administration. We are winning. There is no winning. Families don't have -- stop the shutdown! Reporter: Federal workers and many americans expressing outrage. In alaska, government meteorologist working without pay, sending a clever sos, their message hidden in a seemingly normal forecast, please pay us. Back on capitol hill, a long weekend of debate, getting the best of some lawmakers, look here, as congressman, north carolina republican dozes over while presiding over the house floor. Now, the house is coming back in session this weekend to vote to give those furlough workers back pay. Slowly, this fight once over health care is now bleeding into a larger fight in raising the nation's debt ceiling. That could really harm the u.S. Economy. Jeff, thank you. Don't miss our george stephanopoulosoing one-on-one with house speaker john boehner, it's his first interview since the government shutdown.

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{"id":20480593,"title":"National Park Weddings Shutdown Due to Shutdown","duration":"3:00","description":"Couples looking to get married in a romantic setting are forced into some creative alternatives.","url":"/GMA/video/national-park-weddings-shutdown-due-shutdown-20480593","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}