Navigating the cost of college

ABC News' lifestyle editor Genevieve Shaw Brown has tips to score the best scholarships.
1:51 | 04/09/17

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Transcript for Navigating the cost of college
Welcome back. In today's "Weekend download" the cost of college can be mind numbering. I recently sat down with Genevieve Shaw brown about scholarships. What's the most important factor to look for? To find the college that's the right fit. Not every kid is going to Harvard or Yale. You want to go to schools where your student is going to this arrive. Those are going to offer you the most money. A kid in California, Josh Barry, he's been awarded more than $1 million in scholarship money. From a variety of schools. Not a perfect student. No perfect S.A.T. Scores. He found the right fit for him. You want to make sure you look like the most attractive candidate. We're applying. How do you do hat? Most attractive online. Clean up that social media profile. Student who is get scholarships are a direct reflection of the schools they go to. No college wants their students looking foolish online. Clean up the profile. When we have a student come in here, the first thing we do is look at social accounts. Where you to look for the scholarship money? It's out there. You have to be creative. It doesn't have to be from the school. Look leekly. Think about geographic diverty. Schools are looking for it. Not great news for parents. Cow you're maybe want to go further away. You might get more money. Josh is from California. Most of his scholarships came from school on the east coast. The students just heard thatky go far away from my parents. That's what they took away. You're going to crush every parent's heart. Thank you, for the great advice as usual. Thank you for joining us.

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{"id":46686151,"title":"Navigating the cost of college","duration":"1:51","description":"ABC News' lifestyle editor Genevieve Shaw Brown has tips to score the best scholarships.","url":"/GMA/video/navigating-cost-college-46686151","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}