Newborn Baby's Near-Abduction Caught on Tape

Security footage shows hospital footage of woman's alleged plan to steal an infant.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newborn Baby's Near-Abduction Caught on Tape
A shocking attempt to snatch a newborn. A woman tried to steal an infant from the maternity ward. But thanks to hospital security, the plot was foiled. Linsey davis is here with more. Reporter: Good morning, amy. Police say she was armed with a visitor's pass, when she made a beeline for the maternity ward. They say she thought a baby would get her husband back. Today, she is scheduled to be arraigned on kidnapping charges. Watch as 48-year-old grisel ramirez, in hospital scrubs, casually strolled into this california hospital. Moments later, police say she walked into the maternity ward at garden grove medical center, and right into the room with a mother and newborn baby. She walked in the room. Told the mother the doctor was on the way to see her. Wanted her to take a shower. Reporter: When the new mother went in to take a shower, police say ramirez put the infant in this purple tie-dye tote bag and took off. Somebody tried to walk out with a baby in a bag. Is it her baby? No. It's not her baby. Reporter: Ramirez never made it past the hospital door. She was locked in, all because of a little sensor like this, often placed on a baby's ankle or wrist, within an hour of birth. An alarm sounds, locks engage. Even elevators stop. Police say ramirez was stopped by employees who heard the alarm. Ramirez doesn't have a history of mental health. Just last week, she walked into another hospital and questioned a pregnant woman there. Causing police to circulate a flyer with her picture on it. She's separating from her husband. And she told her husband she was pregnant. So, at this time, she had to produce a baby girl. Reporter: The baby was returned to its mother unharmed. Meanwhile, police say ramirez, who has two adult children of her own, gave police several fake names. She's an undocumented immigrant and is being held without bail. This is every mother's nightmare. Thank goodness it turned out all right. Such good security in hospitals now. Now, we remember our friend,

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{"id":16955454,"title":"Newborn Baby's Near-Abduction Caught on Tape","duration":"3:00","description":"Security footage shows hospital footage of woman's alleged plan to steal an infant.","url":"/GMA/video/newborn-baby-abducted-california-hospital-caught-tape-16955454","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}