Newt Gingich's Comeback Raises New Questions

Ties to Freddie Mac may hurt the GOP candidate's recent resurgence.
2:17 | 11/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newt Gingich's Comeback Raises New Questions
-- out of politics your voice your vote and the resurrection of Newt Gingrich last summer his campaign all but -- but thanks to some solid debates he's climbed back to the top of the pack. The latest challenger to front runner Mitt Romney that means he's drawing some fire and ABC's John Karl joins us more on that and John speaker spent former speaker spent most of yesterday. Fending off questions about the big money he made from a firm at the center of the financial crisis. -- he sure did George and he is finding out just how bright the spotlight is when you are the fastest rising Republican in the polls. Returning home -- -- Newt Gingrich had nothing to say when asked about the money he received from failed mortgage company Freddie Mac -- None but won't Gingrich appears -- interest in discussing his role his opponents aren't. Michelle Bachmann lashed out yesterday accusing Gingrich of quote. Chilling for the company responsible for the financial crisis. The point is is that he took money. -- also influence senior Republicans. To be favorable toward Fannie Freddie. Freddie Mac meet so many risky loans during the real estate bubble. That it needed a taxpayer bailout in 2008 a 54 billion dollars. A much bigger bailout than any of the banks and -- just last month Gingrich suggested top Democrats should be thrown in jail because of their ties to Freddie. If you wanna put people in jail -- a second what Michelle said he ought to start when Barney Frank and Chris Dodd Barney Frank's case go -- and look at the lobbyists is close to admit that. That Freddie Mac. Now it turns out that for eight years beginning in 1999. Freddie Mac -- Gingrich nearly two million dollars as a consultant. Gingrich said on the mark Libyan radio show last night it was a standard -- And -- pay the fee which is very. The relatively standard Washington. Forty yesterday. Reporters into the candidate himself. Crushed by a loud crowds at the local police officer roughed up reported. Gingrich says he welcomes the -- scrutiny and he predicts that he'll do just fine with it in less quote -- blow up and do something utterly stupid.

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{"id":14971340,"title":"Newt Gingich's Comeback Raises New Questions","duration":"2:17","description":"Ties to Freddie Mac may hurt the GOP candidate's recent resurgence.","url":"/GMA/video/newt-gingichs-comeback-raises-questions-freddie-mac-contracts-14971340","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}