Gingrich Tells Romney to 'Man Up'

The former-speaker of the House attacks Mitt Romney for negative ads.
3:25 | 12/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gingrich Tells Romney to 'Man Up'
I'm for your voice your vote in Iowa. Their first in the nation vote takes place in just six days front runners Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have moved from a handshake. Two handshake combat to a war of words in arguments over each -- manhood. ABC's Jonathan Karl is yeah. The very latest and made it up for -- -- Beautifully and let -- tell you it is getting personal out there the once high flying Gingrich campaign is trying to regain momentum. He's promising still -- a positive campaign but check out how he is lashing out at his opponents. -- his boss rolling across Iowa Newt Gingrich is trying to get his campaign back on track. Particularly -- from his opponents it's about serial -- Newt Gingrich supports amnesty for millions of illegals Gingrich is firing back hitting the Mitt Romney with this. All right -- it is if you wanna run a negative campaign and you -- -- attack people at least be man enough government that's your staff and that's your. Organization those are your millionaire friends Spain -- Gingrich is talking about these ads run by a so called super pac supporting Romney. -- supposedly independent of his campaign. It's been three point seven million dollars almost twice as much as his official campaign. And the ads in more brutal and Gingrich was -- 300000 dollars by a Republican congress for an ethics violations. Romney says he has nothing to do with them. It's -- bitten by law to coordinate with the group. My goodness if if we coordinate in any way whatsoever we go to the big house. Romney is attacking on his own lasting Gingrich -- failing to get enough signatures to get on the ballot in Virginia. -- his campaign to in nineteen. -- -- -- If you compare that to. Pearl Harbor I think it's it's more like. Lucille Ball at the chocolate factory. And Gingrich has other problems is clearly worried about Ron Paul. Who is on the rise in both Iowa and New Hampshire. If he work. To get the Republican nominee well let's say you could you vote for him. But it hasn't all been negative over the holiday -- New Hampshire campaign. Acoustic Christmas themed video which -- best be described as bizarre. Mitt Romney. Okay. It. A little disturbing what -- tell you Rick Perry. He's he's still pushing for this he's down in the polls let me tell you Rick Perry Elizabeth has spent more money in -- All the other candidates combined. All the candidates are going really all -- for the conservative evangelical vote went Republican strategists -- in court this morning they will light a fire and stand by a burning bush. In order to send a signal to evangelicals I'm no one for you vote for me OK I -- actually burning bush is out there let me tell you -- -- definitely pushing for this I mean Perry just yesterday -- position on abortion and changed. He's always been. Antiabortion pro life but now he's saying he doesn't even -- exceptions for incest rape report of the moment and meantime -- Gingrich responding to Mitt Romney's crack about him being like Lucille -- saying I'd like to say that to my face. Yes I could definitely getting personal Arnold that you wanted to be adamant the bike racks up for a fight. Chocolates out and getting that way I mean. The let me tell you there is bad blood in this campaign it will last after this campaign is over -- -- -- now all right Jon Karl thanks so much.

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{"id":15244948,"title":"Gingrich Tells Romney to 'Man Up'","duration":"3:25","description":"The former-speaker of the House attacks Mitt Romney for negative ads.","url":"/GMA/video/newt-gingrich-tells-mitt-romney-man-countdown-iowa-15244948","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}