Nor'easter Barreling Towards Northeast

Monster storm could bring record breaking snow for October.
2:22 | 10/29/11

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Transcript for Nor'easter Barreling Towards Northeast
That rare free howling nor'easter and when I say rare I mean we could be seeing more snow. Then we've seen this early since the civil war this storm is a monster it's already plowed through Texas and Colorado and it's now heading -- to some of the largest cities. In America ABC's David Curley is out in -- Hancock -- David good morning to you and I see the flakes. That there are some flakes Dan Hancock is really right along the Maryland Pennsylvania border we are getting some snow that's the leading edge the storm it's a mix of snow and rain right now but it's this cold air continues to move in. We're gonna see more of this in fact Hancock -- -- kind of in the middle of the section of the store that's gonna -- up the northeast is supposed to get up to six inches of snow is this real. Well look what happened in Texas just the other day this is the storm that is coming this way it hit Texas and then before that back on Wednesday it was in Denver surprise them. With several inches of snow which weighted down some trees that still have their leaves -- -- of left. That fell on on power lines and -- that power outages all across the Denver area. The storm is -- barrel up through here through Pennsylvania and then into the northeast it is a true nor Easter and we're gonna see several inches of this as it starts to move in. Laura all right thank you very much David -- and Merrill and I guess it's -- -- for the latest on the storms happen how bad it will gaps we have meteorologist Stephanie Roberts former ABC Tampa affiliate WFTS good morning Stephanie. Good morning and we are talking as much as a foot -- snow with this historic. Early season snowfall we're changing over to snow now in central PA stretching back down into the appalachians in as many as twelve state. Under winter storm warnings for today if it isn't the smell it's -- to be to heavy rain our coastal flood warnings -- if it isn't the snow the rain it's going to be the wind -- going to be gusting upwards of fort. Forty miles per hour with this nor'easter let's track the storm the lowest in a deep and pull up the coastline we're gonna see that snow spread to the west. And the major East Coast cities as we go throughout the days the conditions are -- -- declined. From Philly to new York and up to Boston how much are we talking while by the time it is all said -- done. A foot of snow or more for interior New England look at all the states they're expecting. Even more than six inches this is a major concern for power outages. Heavy wet snow believes are still on the trees you're definitely -- -- want to prepare for this storm now charged up those cellphone batteries to.

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{"id":14840881,"title":"Nor'easter Barreling Towards Northeast","duration":"2:22","description":"Monster storm could bring record breaking snow for October.","url":"/GMA/video/noreaster-barreling-northeast-14840881","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}