Nor'easter Leaves Northeast in Shock

Millions left without power and several deaths attributed to rare October snow.
3:43 | 10/30/11

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Transcript for Nor'easter Leaves Northeast in Shock
This freak Halloween snowstorm that is basically shut down parts of the northeast this morning and it's still raging right now check this out we've got a picture of a tree in New Jersey. Crashing down on a family home there it is. It is amazing that this house doesn't crumble under the weight of the tree and this really illustrates the big problem -- this storm. The weight of all the wet snow bringing down trees knocking out power lines. Killing the lights and hundreds of thousands of homes and stranding planes on runways -- huge. -- -- let's take a look at the numbers in this -- the snow totals. Really are astounding 28 inches in Plainfield Massachusetts. Almost twenty in west Milford New Jersey a foot in the snow issue West Virginia yes a town called -- -- -- yes of course. At least three deaths are being blamed on this rare autumn snowstorm state of emergency are now in effect in New Jersey New York Connecticut. And Massachusetts. We've got reporters out all throughout this storm zone let's -- it up and ABC's TJ Winick who is in one of the hardest hit spots. Windsor Connecticut TJ hey good morning to you. Dan good morning it's hard to believe but December 22 that is the first day of winter still seven weeks away but you wouldn't know -- taken a look around here it's actually quite pretty like a Norman Rockwell painting here in Windsor Connecticut about. Nine inches of snow but it is. Heavy and wet and that is creating all the problems down here the road. You can see the trees and power lines down hundreds and each town and roared -- -- into the top -- a power -- -- Clean off things got so bad here in Connecticut yesterday at one point. That -- -- just two municipalities in just two of them that there was not one home -- business. Without power. Across the northeast near whiteout conditions Rhodes -- He shut down and when this wet heavy snow -- atop trees still carrying leaves that he simply collapsed. In New Jersey where -- tree was uprooted it smashed into a I was under the weight of the heavy snow. And many of those trees took down power lines leaving billions in the dark and cold -- From the White House the White Plains, New York this shockingly early season snow fall just kept on coming. The plows were out earlier than they've been in decades. They couldn't keep up. Accidents -- highways in short commutes dragged on for hours hated. Hated hated -- it. Connecticut was one of the hardest hit states planes grounded flights canceled even the airports are having power trouble -- going in and out bathrooms are locked. People are quite upset someone else called the state police over a half million residents are without power -- governor warned people to stay in door -- If you are without power you should expect to be without power -- a prolonged period of time. In Meriden Connecticut we found Richardson -- about to check into a hotel his house lost all its power -- -- -- the earliest to acquire that fit that your -- -- opened. Philosophically opposed yeah that's -- And this storm didn't stop for anything even college football and -- quite -- is -- weather forecast normally reserved for Christmas. It's looking like this year many children will be dreaming. Of a white Halloween. And you -- taking a live look at the downed trees and power lines here in Windsor Connecticut and -- tropical storm. I read is any guide it could be four or five days before many folks here in Connecticut and across the region have power again.

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{"id":14844136,"title":"Nor'easter Leaves Northeast in Shock","duration":"3:43","description":"Millions left without power and several deaths attributed to rare October snow. ","url":"/GMA/video/noreaster-leaves-northeast-shock-14844136","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}