US Offers N. Korea Direct Talks

Secretary of State John Kerry says Kim Jong Un must work toward denuclearization.
1:55 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for US Offers N. Korea Direct Talks
U.S. Intelligence has expected a missile launch by today. Major holiday in that country. Bob woodruff is following it all. Good morning, bob. Reporter: Good morning, george. Today was supposed to be the day, when the missile could have been launched. It's still right there on the launch pad. And the u.S. And it allies are waiting to see if north korea's leader will talk. Secretary of state john kerry says the u.S. Is prepared for direct talks with north korea if kim jong-un makes the first move to slow down his nuclear weapons program. The united states remains open to authentic and credible negotiations on denuclearization. But the burden is on pyongyang. North korea must take neeningful steps to show it will honor commitments already made. Reporter: Kerry telling us that north korea has to stop it from growing. Not eliminate it. Denuclearization is the word you used. What did you that mean? Step down the production facilities and make it clear you'll be a nonnuclear state. Reporter: It's clear north korea is developing nor advanced bombs that could some day be attached to the tip of the missile. There were worries that the musudan would be launched today. In seoul, the birthday of kim jong-un's grandfather was met with anger. The missile is in place, still ready to fly. The u.S. And the south korean military say the missile and the mobile launchers have not moved since last thursday. They believe they're still fully fuel and could be launched very quickly.

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{"id":18955869,"title":"US Offers N. Korea Direct Talks","duration":"1:55","description":"Secretary of State John Kerry says Kim Jong Un must work toward denuclearization.","url":"/GMA/video/north-korea-nuclear-weapon-missile-test-us-offers-18955869","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}