Protesters Occupy Times Square

Protesters swarmed the famed tourist destination as budding movement continues.
2:10 | 10/16/11

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Transcript for Protesters Occupy Times Square
Demonstrators have been on the move making their way to Times Square where thousands staged a noisy rally. And the protests have spread to several other cities across the country as well ABC's TJ Winick is in lower Manhattan and has the details good morning TJ. Beyond a good morning to you more than eighty protestors arrested here in New York City yesterday I must tell you -- have seen these weekend demonstrations get bigger and bigger over the past month than yesterday. Thousands took their message uptown to the landmark known as the crossroads of the world. Thought you might Wall Street was transformed -- occupy time square late Saturday. -- the demonstrations turned disorderly. This clash with police came just hours after 6000 occupiers flooded into the -- intersection. -- most of Saturday's crowd was peaceful. The officers took no chances as they cleared the streets at nightfall. Arresting those who failed to leave. Earlier in the day when -- demonstrators were handcuffed and removed from a nearby city bank charged with criminal trespassing. -- -- from California to Florida. Occupy supporters were out in full force one month after the blew the can't. Back in New York it was a busy day for demonstrators. First marching from their communities in the financial district. To Greenwich Village us taxpayers are bailing out. -- Wall Street. Operations -- and that money isn't going back to people at the protesters retrieve wolf the Wall Street bankers as pigs and sharks. It was an act some in the park just replying -- fabric for a it's it's not an authentic -- Now Sunday has traditionally been a day of rest for the protesters here in New York but tonight here at 7 PM. They will be holding what they call other general assembly meeting right here at -- -- park.

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{"id":14746849,"title":"Protesters Occupy Times Square","duration":"2:10","description":"Protesters swarmed the famed tourist destination as budding movement continues. ","url":"/GMA/video/occupy-wall-street-occupies-times-square-14746849","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}