October Blizzard Leaves Millions Without Power

John Berman on which areas were hit hardest by powerful weekend Nor'easter.
2:04 | 10/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for October Blizzard Leaves Millions Without Power
Out of that Halloween blizzard that slammed the northeast so many people still without power thousands of children getting out one of the earliest snow days ever. ABC's John Berman is and then Connecticut of the hardest hit areas good morning John. Good morning Robin this is what people are waking up to all over the east trees downed power lines on the road. It's because -- situations like this that the mayor here has all but called off Halloween in a governor of Connecticut says this is their biggest power outage ever. It's October. October. These are words that just don't go together. Trees down for. The records -- -- Halloween they're calling it snow took over. But for millions -- snow Ballmer and it could be well -- November before dismissed -- cleared. In New York trick -- -- I think mother nature played a trick on us -- today. No -- no food. No power at -- October in New Jersey -- Gingrich just cleaned up from Hurricane Irene. It now this and the -- flattened car this morning. -- -- in full force. At least eleven deaths have been blamed on this store. Including a 21 year old mother whose car plunged seventy -- feed -- of freezing overpass in the Bronx. They're big record snows from Newark, New Jersey by times more than they'd ever had. To Hartford Connecticut where they broke the record by a foot and there were. Parts of Massachusetts. Three million homes without power including staggering 70%. Of Connecticut in the dark -- Yes the Christmas like weather is making for some -- usual Halloween treats. For kids like -- -- that's their case. It will be a very different Halloween for a lot of kids here in game break they don't want them on the street with a power lines down to the mayor says. Go to local mall.

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{"id":14848412,"title":"October Blizzard Leaves Millions Without Power","duration":"2:04","description":"John Berman on which areas were hit hardest by powerful weekend Nor'easter.","url":"/GMA/video/october-blizzard-leaves-millions-power-14848412","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}