Ohio Animal Farm Nightmare

New details emerge behind the case of escaped exotic animals in Ohio.
2:35 | 10/22/11

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Transcript for Ohio Animal Farm Nightmare
There is more fallout from that frightening exotic animal escape in Ohio. The State's governor is taking new steps to make sure it doesn't happen again and there -- new. It is TJ when it -- -- the details and TJ it appears that law enforcement officials were very familiar with this farm. -- they had been to the farm countless times because of complaints animal experts went to the Thompson farm three years ago during a cruelty to animals investigation. They found many of the cages weren't padlock and labeled the conditions a public safety hazard. I don't look I don't know you. Are now getting a closer look inside the troubled life of -- Thompson. Seen in these two year old home videos kissing a -- she's so it -- -- and the many exotic and dangerous animals He kept them in Zanesville Ohio farm. According to documents released Friday. Thompson kept a black leopard in the basement had a -- running loose and according to this report several animals could get out of the cages. This past week after Thompson -- his animals just before killing himself. Authorities were forced to shoot fifty of the creatures including seventeen lions and eighteen Bengal tigers which are in danger. We lost 1% of the -- whole population and you know these are God's creatures and it's difficult -- was more incidents with exotic animals than any other laws among the most lenient -- -- country Friday the governor promised to enforce existing laws while drafting tough new legislation. We will be looking at whether anybody out there is qualified and whether they have the ability to even. Hold these animals and frankly we got to think about what animals they ought to have. The only surviving animals from the farm three leopards a grisly and -- attacks were transported to the Columbus zoo. -- Thompson's estranged wife Marion was refused to talk to reporters -- certain animals back. ABC's David truly spoke with homes -- doing a Columbus zoo official whether this is a person who's very bonded to the animals and so she wanted to seal and make sure that they were doing okay. And she says it's the female primate sleeps with her -- -- she calls them her children. Court records show that Thompson's owned at least 68000. Dollars in unpaid taxes to the I -- and the county. Are -- his wife could now inherit Terry sister thinks He was just overwhelmed by -- all and didn't see a way out but Dan it is clear that. His desperation of -- building up for at least the past six years.

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{"id":14791925,"title":"Ohio Animal Farm Nightmare","duration":"2:35","description":"New details emerge behind the case of escaped exotic animals in Ohio. ","url":"/GMA/video/ohio-animal-farm-nightmare-14791925","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}