Ohio Craigslist Murder Suspects: Who Are They?

52-year-old man, 16-year old boy are in custody following discovery of bodies.
3:03 | 11/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ohio Craigslist Murder Suspects: Who Are They?
Now to those terrifying Craigslist murders out of Ohio police believe they may have found three bodies in connection with the killings. Two suspects are under arrest of 52 year old man and a sixteen year old boy -- they believe -- the victims with help wanted ads posted on Craigslist. ABC's Dan Harris is live in Ohio this morning with the latest for -- good morning Dan. They're have a good morning to you and standing -- a rather desolate patch of Akron Ohio behind me is a wooded air here were police that one of the more recent victims in this case buried. In a shallow grave as the body count here grows so to the questions about the truly rather than usual relationship between the two men at the core of this case this. Is sixteen year old broken -- pretty high school junior and aspiring cop and an animal lover from a quiet suburb outside of Akron Ohio. This morning he is sitting in a juvenile detention center accused of helping to executed diabolical plot. Involving a bogus online help wanted ad that lured unsuspecting men many down on their luck and in need of work. Into rural areas where they were murdered and buried in shallow graves. The only connection was answering. -- Form hormonal corrections and -- -- scared. But this morning in her first on camera interview broken his -- vet says her son was manipulated by his alleged accomplice. 52 year old pastor Richard Beasley. Morgan looked upset -- -- Beasley my son told me that he didn't do it. And there is a monster here but it's not my -- In this letter shown exclusively to ABC news -- in -- pretty writes from behind bars that authorities are more concerned with hanging -- Then helping me. Over the last thirty years rich Beasley has reportedly spent a total of fifteen years in jail. He's now back in jail on drug and prostitution charges while police try to build a case for this so called Craig's list murders. Ron Sampson saw this ad on Craigslist promising work on a 688. Acre cattle farm. He says he met -- Beasley at this mall for an interview. When you. Heard. A month or so later that people who did go for those interviews apparently got shot and killed -- what do you think I thought oh boy. This could have been me. As many as four other men did allegedly get called back. One man narrowly escaped and three bodies have been found including that of 47 year old Timothy Kern loving father of three. I think of my dad I think time -- spent with them. I'm gonna miss him and he's always going to be in my heart. They're expecting another autopsy perhaps as early today and another possible victim in this case it would make three. Dead people so far in this case and perhaps there are more coming. We did speak to -- attorney for rich Beasley she says her client is quote -- and she points out he has not been charged with anything in relation to this case.

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{"id":15038941,"title":"Ohio Craigslist Murder Suspects: Who Are They?","duration":"3:03","description":"52-year-old man, 16-year old boy are in custody following discovery of bodies.","url":"/GMA/video/ohio-craigslist-murder-suspects-police-arrest-man-52-15038941","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}