Half Court Shot Wins $20,000 For Wife' Cancer Treatment

Heath Kufahl and his wife Jenni discuss his half court basket and the $20,000 prize.
4:12 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Half Court Shot Wins $20,000 For Wife' Cancer Treatment
It's a little uplift -- from about from Friday uplift this great story earlier this week -- -- -- -- could fall. He hits a half court shot and Oklahoma City Thunder game. -- half court shot hadn't been hit a long time say -- 1000. Dollars. That's off. And has his wife. Absolutely thrilled -- and there it is the check -- Wheeler -- and it turns out. That boy you. For that god smiling down on that shot because it's a very very important when he thousand dollars. For a very deserving handling has Jenny. His wife is now undergoing chemotherapy and that money is gonna go torture treatment and they are both good enough to join us via Skype now. From Oklahoma and how low -- both of you thank you so much. Forget now I'm gonna guess he EU without getting guess we can have that shot on an endless loop and you wouldn't mind -- -- feel when you let you know. Well Doug it was a it was a blessing to start but it -- thought it was good on the release. You know -- I was actually talking -- -- mad at somebody who works with the thunder and they've wanted to let me know that it happened in part. Because it hasn't happened in a long long time I don't people understand like what are the nerves like you have a packed house. You know everybody's watching and in it's hard it's hard to know exactly how hard he got to -- those things. Yeah it's. It was good thriller. Little bit nervous out there and -- you know as a full house. I don't understand what I'm also lakers fan so. I was trying to address some of the players they -- Good morning virulent goes on China and what he's done that well while. He -- they're resisting Donovan. I'm -- lakers fan as well this actually happened during halftime. A left on her landing over the lakers that was entirely happy moment there and -- again we just we did mention -- on the way in Jenny undergoing chemotherapy right now and this this this money's gonna gonna go towards that I know. Boy you guys to -- his -- seven children -- -- we wanna check in with you how are you -- how you -- and how fun was it to watch -- that. Didn't -- I have been and we. You know our surroundings -- did the immigrant rhetoric really -- -- and help out kids now that. This isn't -- -- yeah okay. Eight. Six. I'm white and blue Eisenstein having -- her head and Bernard. Neverland I was -- and I blew it gets -- -- hot moment. We're just in the house hasn't been passes behind Miller works -- not you know it's funny that you -- that shot put you know you really control the situation. Ability. Well we wish you -- The vast -- -- -- want to ask you heat my son and eleven years old dreams of being called on to that a court to have the same opportunities so I ask you right now. Because you are a six sacks. What advice would you give up any of us who should we be called into -- Yeah I got a good piece of advice do not leave it. Sure -- Yes you religion and yes I'm with you don't leave a shortened to miss miss law all the -- identity how often did you practice to make that shot. Well -- college you know our -- basketball players through I've taken. Thousands of guns and ammunition. -- -- so you know anything you make order out of about it reporting. All right -- carrying out that there are lots as long as he made the -- narrowing it mattered most again heat -- any year in our thoughts and prayers thank you so much. For joining us this morning and boy that's it's a wonderful thing thanks for shared with us. But I think it comes certain. What they --

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{"id":18684629,"title":"Half Court Shot Wins $20,000 For Wife' Cancer Treatment","duration":"4:12","description":"Heath Kufahl and his wife Jenni discuss his half court basket and the $20,000 prize. ","url":"/GMA/video/oklahoma-city-thunder-fans-half-court-shot-wins-18684629","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}