Olympics 2012: Serena Williams Discusses Gold Medals

Tennis star chats about winning gold with her sister, Venus, in women's doubles.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for Olympics 2012: Serena Williams Discusses Gold Medals
Serena williams, fresh off her two gold medal wins for singles and doubles, with her sister, venus. Serena, congratulations. Thank you. Thank you very much. I don't know of that last piece you were able to hear. Is london the party playground right now? Look, I don't know. All the tennis players were at wimbledon because that's where the tennis was at. You know, I've been playing so much tennis, my party has been sleeping. It was awesome tennis. 12 sets in a row without a loss. Just incredible. And this was the first time you were able to win the gold medal alone. How does it feel? Yeah. It feels amazing. You know, I can't reall I've always wanted a gold medal in singles. And to have the opportunity to win it. And to have something you really want and you work for it, is so worth it. You think, all those days running and all the days in the gym, and all the days in the court and all the hours, finally was able to pay off. Boy, it sure did. And you've put on such a great show for the crowd afterwards. We have to talk about the dance. Okay. So -- I get so excited. I don't know. I was thinking, gosh, I can't believe I've won, you know? It was such a great moment for me. And winning the gold medal is, i think, everyone's just amazing moment. And pretty good, though, right? It was a fantastic dance. I was just wondering -- it was so awesome. I was happy. Twitter has exploded with all sorts of commentary about it. Do you have any response to all the debate you've kicked up? Honestly, I haven't signed on to twitter because a couple of athletes got kicked out of the olympics because they tweeted the wrong thing. So, I'm not even signing on. The last thing I want to do is be in the semifinals and tweet something and get kicked out. I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Very wise. But let us in on something else, though. We have pictures of you and your sister talking on the court. Okay. During your match. Give us a little insight into the kinds of things you say to each other during the match. Well, it depends. Like, if we're up a little more than usual, I'll tell venus a joke sometimes. Or we'll make fun. And say, let's get focused again. Or usually, we're like let's win this point. Let's win every point. Let's hold serve. We have a lot of fun out there. Sometimes venus makes me laugh so much. So, it just kind of depends on -- when I played my semifinal match in dublin, we were talking about the finals I just won in singles. And I was so tired in that doubles match. I don't know how I played. Thanks to venus, we were able to win. It was good. Besides the sleep, what other matches are you checking out while you're in london? I was trying to get to the track and field. I've never had an opportunity to go to the olympics and actually do things. So, I'll have a day to actually I think everyone wanted to try to go to gymnastics. But right now, I think track and field would be really cool. Beach volleyball. I'm really into going to anything just to have that experience because I never get it. You're coming back. Michael phelps says he's retired. But you're coming back in 2016? Yeah. I'm coming back, if I can. I have no plans of retiring any time soon. I'm having way too much fun. I love my gold medals. I have a title to defend, right? We love watching you get the gold medals. You'll be here in new york for the open? Of course. That's next. I'll be there in new york for the open. And hopefully, I'll see you guys there. Fantastic. We can't wait to have you here in the studio. Congratulations, serena. It was so much fun to watch you out on that cour

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{"id":16946880,"title":"Olympics 2012: Serena Williams Discusses Gold Medals","duration":"3:00","description":"Tennis star chats about winning gold with her sister, Venus, in women's doubles.","url":"/GMA/video/olympics-2012-serena-williams-discusses-crip-walk-winning-16946880","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}