Olympics Gymnastics Champ Gabby Douglas' Two Moms

Meet the gold medalist's real mother and the mom who took her in so she could train in Iowa.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for Olympics Gymnastics Champ Gabby Douglas' Two Moms
Now going to -- -- to mothers who made -- Douglas is incredible gold medal performance possible. Her own mother and the Iowa -- -- -- when she moved far from home to train with the top coach. Olympic gold medalist and GMA Olympic contributor. And ESPN analyst Julie -- has more on these two remarkable -- This morning -- Douglas is not only the first US Jim is to win both the all around title and the team gold during the same Olympics. She's the first African American all around champion in Olympic history. I said. Do you believe baseball hasn't -- in. When she says no whom. It all started when Gabby was just fourteen a little girl from Virginia Beach with a far off Olympic dream. A dream that would require great sacrifice. And she said I really need to have a change now and my coaching. And she said and I want leaning -- The Yang -- coach John Johnson to an Olympic gold. But the move was made easier thanks to -- Parton. Not only agreed to have Gabby live with her but welcomed her as one of her own daughters. She went from being a baby in her house being -- hold us in my house. -- -- -- -- -- -- Time to coming to Houston I relied on missing a lot during that time. I would caller allotment option doing watching from the sidelines to -- both who helped shape than Olympian. At times -- like women whose -- is this yeah life. And we just -- moment there anyway as a sixteen year old accepted the golden the most coveted title in women's gymnastics. All around champion. Douglas led from the start Thursday and never looked back. It was a moment both overwhelming and awe inspiring forget about -- Her routine was beautifully executed with perfect lines an amazing week. She made history on several different levels it makes me think that you know the sky's the limit together they've raised an Olympian. And sound lifelong friendship I can't imagine her. When that you've got some -- because it really is like a mom one mom to having gone through this journey now together. -- specialist sent moment watching. Her grabbed the globe Madeleine. -- almost don't have words we stand back and her completely amazed by her for Good Morning America and Julie Saudi ABC news London.

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{"id":16920462,"title":"Olympics Gymnastics Champ Gabby Douglas' Two Moms","duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the gold medalist's real mother and the mom who took her in so she could train in Iowa.","url":"/GMA/video/olympics-gymnastics-champ-gabby-douglas-moms-16920462","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}