OneRepublic Explains What 'Good Life' Means to Them

Band also discusses their upcoming album. Their new single "Feel Again" will be available Aug. 27.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for OneRepublic Explains What 'Good Life' Means to Them
Here in central park for our "gma" summer concert series. Ryan tedders, drew brown. Thanks for coming in, guys. I have to start by thanking you guys. You have given us so much joy here at "gma," with "the good life." You see all the signs out there. We do it all the time. One of our most special events was the live "your three words." And you've given so much back to us. I want to thank you for that. The "three words" campaign was one of the coolest things we've done, ever. For us, too. You should have seen the cheers in the control room when it worked live. The fan favorite question is, what is the good life for you? The good life. Honestly, what we're doing right now is, I think the good life is, whatever it is you wake up in the morning and you're excited about being able to do that for your job and not feel like a job, that's the good life. Anybody else want to take a crack at it? I would say that. Able to do something as incredible as this. And trying to live in balance. If you get those two things together, it is the good life. Live in balance. Three words. The balance is the most important part. I'm sure your situation's almost the same, where your family time is pretty valuable. Oh, yeah. And you have to protect it. The pursuit of happiness is finding that balance. It certainly is. Very well said. In the meantime, you guys have been working on a new album. Slated to come out in the fall. Going to come out november-ish. November-ish? We're looking for the first SINGLE ON AUGUST 27th. I want to ask you about that. That's part of a special campaign you do with a great organization, save the children. Save the children, for those who don't know, it's the largest child rights organization in the world. Everything from literacy programs to clean water to safe houses. And the big part we're involved with, every beat matters, prevents kids from dying. Pretty deep. Basic stuff that, in america, certain illnesses that you would walk down to a walgreens or a cvs and spend a few dollars to knock out whatever you have, that kills kids all over the world because they don't have access to basic medications we have here. We want to make sure the advantages we have here are

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{"id":16976841,"title":"OneRepublic Explains What 'Good Life' Means to Them","duration":"3:00","description":"Band also discusses their upcoming album. Their new single \"Feel Again\" will be available Aug. 27.","url":"/GMA/video/onerepublic-explains-good-life-means-nycs-times-square-16976841","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}