'Operation Dot Com' Targets Drug Sellers on Craigslist

Mark Greenblatt investigates the results of a major online drug sting.
3:00 | 10/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Operation Dot Com' Targets Drug Sellers on Craigslist
We're going to turn to "operation dotcom," the police sting that nabbed almost two dozen people allegedly selling drugs on craigslist. A website where just about everything 3457bimaginable is on sale. Mark greenblatt is here with this story. Reporter: Good morning to you. One of those charged here is a former intern to a new jersey senator. And those peddling drugs have become so comfortable now, they've turned to openly advertising on craigslist. The booming business of dealing drugs on craigslist took a hit this week, as police caught on to bold ads that promise xanax, adderall and bundles of dope. The nypd announced 21 arrests. Including a brooklyn dental assistant who denies allegations she illegally sold pills to undercover cops three times. And a grad student at nyu pled not guilty to feeding the growing desire for stimulants on college campuses. You have friends who take adderall? Yeah. Reporter: If you wanted to, would you know where to get it? I think so. Reporter: It's that widespread? Yeah. Definitely. Reporter: The arrests, just the latest in the growing trend that's taken drug dealing from the streets online. From los angeles, to philadelphia, to new york. Abc news discovered similarly bold advertisements for drugs, still active right now. Offering great deals for study aids and drugs like adderall, for $8 a pill, or a simple New york commissioner ray kelly is leading the national fight against the troubling trend. Multiple people believe that they could get away with advertising, dealing drugs, on craigslist. What's your message to them? Don't do it because obviously, the people we arrested in the last month or so, didn't get away with it. It is ultimately a losing proposition. Reporter: But the craigslist drug trade is going strong, even as of this morning. A quick search in los angeles just turned up three dozen advertisements for adderall. Dan, bianna, ironically, some of the advertisements asking law enforcement not to respond. Adderall,aking off in so many segments in society. Thank you for your reporting this morning. Switching gears, now.

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{"id":17470150,"title":"'Operation Dot Com' Targets Drug Sellers on Craigslist","duration":"3:00","description":"Mark Greenblatt investigates the results of a major online drug sting.","url":"/GMA/video/operation-dot-targets-drug-sellers-craigslist-17470150","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}