Oprah Interviews Whitney Houston's Daughter

Bobbi Kristina shared stories and opened up to the talk-show icon.
0:37 | 03/11/12

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Transcript for Oprah Interviews Whitney Houston's Daughter
The first inside account of the troubled relationship. Of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. The pop -- former manager is breaking her silence talk Oprah Winfrey donate his time -- is here with a sneak -- quite revealing it really is -- -- that interview with body Christina is just one with Whitney Houston's family. The first time they've spoken publicly since the superstars death. Oprah sat down with daughter Bobbi Kristina Whitney's brother Gary and his wife Patricia. And -- has some surprising revelations about the superstars marriage to Bobby Brown even coming out in his defense. She was Whitney Houston's closest confidant. Her best friend and manager the first insider to talk about the superstars relationship with her ex husband Bobby Brown. Where they good for each other was that just combustion. When you could never tell because -- -- -- -- waste so much outside interference. So much outside interference it was very hard. How can you make it work. As Whitney's sister in law pat Houston had rare insight into the superstars troubled fourteen year marriage. One marred by run ins with the law and drug abuse abuse many blamed on Bobby. But pat sees it differently. I can't say that he introduced -- to her I don't I don't think that's true. Body and I had a good relationship. And she would always tell me you're always trying to protect him my -- -- I'm protecting troops to you know and I said I can't do it any other way. The nineteen year old has been the family's main focus in the days since Houston's death she was twice admitted to the hospital for exhaustion. Pat was with Bobbi Kristina and Whitney in the days before she died. With her the night this now infamous. Video was taken of the -- looking exhausted and disheveled. I went with her because I was concerned not so much to party but to make sure she was going to be okay picture she was going to be okay -- -- there. A concerned well warranted. Houston was found dead the next day. Toxicology results are still pending. Were you afraid that she would be gone -- said. If things hadn't changed but the moves have we're changing. Things -- really changing my parents. I saw her. Since -- And of course tonight we'll also see Oprah's exclusive one on one with -- daughter Bobbi Kristina. Which will air tonight on her own -- she's expected to share personal memories of her mother. It's sure to be an emotional interview telling people wondered how Bobbi Kristina is handling all of us now we didn't want her family are all right Tanya thank you.

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{"id":15896515,"title":"Oprah Interviews Whitney Houston's Daughter","duration":"0:37","description":"Bobbi Kristina shared stories and opened up to the talk-show icon. ","url":"/GMA/video/oprah-interviews-whitney-houstons-daughter-15896515","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}