Oscar Buzz for Shailene Woodley

The young actress talks about her breakout role in "The Descendants."
3:22 | 11/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Buzz for Shailene Woodley
All of you fans of the secret life of the American teenager already know the county and actually she -- Woodley. Well now she's -- -- an even wider audience and -- Oscar buzz with her breakout performance. Playing George Clooney's daughter in the new movie the descendants it's -- pleasure to welcome. -- living here and you know -- and I saw this movie last night and your performances is so. Amazing because it's honest it's -- and they just don't pull any punches. In the house. But they don't care and -- to -- -- people talk about. -- in your first movie. It's so -- and they think every other -- that kind of encompassing definition it's crazy I don't I don't know would be entire experience of filming in Hawaii with Alexander Payne vertically. And it's a complicated emotional story you've played your friend's father George Clooney plays a husband kind of distracted father. Whose wife has an accident falls into a coma and only after she falls into the coma. Does he get an even bigger surprise in that comes from you. His daughter let's take a look. He really don't have -- Mom is cheating on you. That is what we found. But I was not a Christmas he -- with a guy. Made me sick to see here yeah. Back to school thinking that I was at that I was is -- I was gonna -- -- tell you everything. The accident happened and to. Her -- until she looked up its. Hard to think of more emotionally wrenching situation -- Yeah. Where did you find. Office emotions. Honestly this screenplay -- so brilliantly written that if you just -- present at the moment I mean. If he told dad that your mom Christine on him and she's in Tacoma and you don't know she's gonna make it. I think he emotions can actually get to vote and -- playing -- George Clooney opposite George Clooney the director Alexander -- this is not bad for a big screen. Debut he added not a little I don't know I got there like you. He he described as a fifty year old scientists in the twenty year old body what does that mean I don't know I saw that is actually wondering the same thing. How -- It. I don't know I don't know he's idling so much from the man he is generosity and his gratitude is so overwhelmingly beautiful and I'm and like -- from around -- To experience and sneezing and an -- production -- and he said he -- something very Smart and which you all together for several weeks before you started -- I think he's really big authenticity and he wanted us to read the owners -- -- in the wine culture and -- to film to be very authentic so. Seattle to -- and character from the film to be there for three weeks -- not bad what do you do for an encore after. I don't go hike -- out I don't know I don't know what and I am I would love to do and -- -- and from some sleep I am sure there -- going to be many many more from. -- and good luck with everything you don't that the secret life as well I -- yes we just distract season forums. To explore gradually -- --

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{"id":15039776,"title":"Oscar Buzz for Shailene Woodley","duration":"3:22","description":"The young actress talks about her breakout role in \"The Descendants.\"","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-buzz-shailene-woodley-15039776","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}