Oscar Countdown: Getting Red Carpet-Ready

Lara Spencer learns what preparations are necessary to walk down red carpet.
1:14 | 02/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Countdown: Getting Red Carpet-Ready
We get ready for Oscar Sunday we discovered there are some zany treatments -- Hollywood swears by. When I heard that could lose inches off my had sixteen inches of sexy hair. And find muscles that I'm pretty sure don't invest. I said sign me up and they're not even incredibly expensive that they did cost me just -- touch of my dignity. If you're wondering why and wrapped like -- money jumping up and down on the trampoline. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really let's just say that in Hollywood is getting pretty up for the red carpet. Isn't always pretty. The possibilities are pretty much analysts question of what list he wanted to. Sure Botox and breast implants are always front and center on Hollywood's big night. But there are also more obscure less invasive. And hugely embarrassing beauty secrets being -- in La La land. And I wasn't gonna miss out on a single one. It is one of the worst kept secret. Some of the stars -- record they're actually borrowing standards what did you -- know that you can rent I didn't. For the big night yup that's right -- did for 24 hours and then -- it tastes like blockbuster. -- -- now are their -- do you dream team has Jose can handle email. How does this. It starts. Matching -- dollar cost about 250 dollars. Expensive but apparently a fraction of what it would cost to keep -- here -- to keep. And my ponytail only. Where Obama care you provide banks must -- -- Now want to look as golden as Oscar himself -- Picasso -- not. I know I know nothing new but spray -- but major stars portofino's Beverly Hills -- people than the sun kissed look. Not only you get a customized -- at last -- do we. He will also make it look like you spent months in the GM fell to let it takes about thirty -- to -- -- hasty exit TC. No sun damage but it did to your wallet. That they bacon made up muscles cost 120 dollars TC is sculpting easy runs and -- collected golden statue. OK so we got the Hollywood hair. The movie star suntan. -- now. -- -- seemed to slim down so quickly. Please feel as -- like yeah. First owner actually takes measurements. Millions. -- -- shoot like a mummy and really tight to the ace bandages soaked in organic minerals like -- and potassium -- Yeah yeah. And finally the trampoline and so how much do you pay for the pleasure of looking like 230. Dollars a promise of a little lesson -- -- -- yeah. After an hour of semi public humiliation. Its nineteen unwrapped and -- measure. According -- I lost an inch a year and a half inch hair and hips and arms and nice but before you start breaking up the ace bandages and home. -- -- the wise this is water we. Understands the fleeting moments. Yeah. -- -- -- -- It's a little like being Cinderella at the stroke of midnight all of these treatments. Are not permanent they disappeared -- inches -- come back within days when you start drinking which we think that initial -- muscle sculpting washes off the pony tail has to be returned there is late rental fees. My carriage turned into a pumpkin remember this Sunday. Oscar Sunday Hollywood's biggest night 7.

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{"id":15774214,"title":"Oscar Countdown: Getting Red Carpet-Ready","duration":"1:14","description":"Lara Spencer learns what preparations are necessary to walk down red carpet.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-countdown-red-carpet-ready-15774214","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}