Oscar Night Preview: Final Preparations

Chris Connelly reports on the biggest night for Hollywood's stars.
3:53 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Oscar Night Preview: Final Preparations
This is our role also I'm in Los Angeles I'm here with Chris -- -- give us a taste of what to expect on Sunday were so kind that's right Hollywood's promises days away stars of every description ready to rock the red carpet in their Sunday best. Everyone wants to walk the -- red carpet and even pictures dictators. At -- -- the academy back and -- -- with Sacha Baron Cohen who wants to arrive on Sunday. As his next film character but Qaddafi like strong -- from the Middle East they're very much opposed to him coming. As his character to use the red carpet as a promotional device either way star power will be in abundance. Says -- Academy Awards get top talent out of the house. Into the actions like no other night in Hollywood like this -- And the rest of this year's just can't wait nominees. I can't really -- I'm trying to not go there right now my -- I'm not what I don't think I'm where a lot of movement there. For Viola Davis the Academy Award build up. Has brought the chance to share with the world -- her story as an actress as well as certain characters. She discovers have always looks like -- -- -- of course that this whole movie and justify my silly season. The -- play out to a house of Hollywood's elite from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who staged to look bridesmaids. From time with stars like Tom Cruise and Michael Douglas -- fresh faces like Emma Stone. And people's sexiest men alive Bradley Cooper and at the Helm Hollywood's -- master general Billy Crystal already leading away. Oscars are -- few days away tonight and might treat winner of best supporting actor really. Who can stop me. All ready to make the 84 annual Academy Awards -- start -- that night. It always it. And the planets are literally aligning the -- Oscars Robin Venus and Jupiter snuggling up to the crescent moon in the western sky. The heavens -- blessing the academy learned.

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{"id":15782196,"title":"Oscar Night Preview: Final Preparations ","duration":"3:53","description":"Chris Connelly reports on the biggest night for Hollywood's stars.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-night-preview-final-preparations-hollywoods-biggest-night-15782196","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}